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8 September 2023 | Issue 285 |


Texas: Authorities Discover Backpacks Filled With Ammo, Homemade Explosive At Southern Border

Pakistan: At least two killed, 25 injured in landmine blast in North Waziristan

Somali army successfully avert major Al-Shabaab attack on base

UK: Bomb disposal experts called to Houghton-le-Spring as man injured by ‘homemade device’

US to arm Kyiv with depleted uranium tank shells

Indian Army Deploys Bomb Disposal Squads And Sniffer Dogs For G20 Summit Security

Germany: Second World War bomb in Kaiserslautern will be neutralised by controlled explosion

France: Over 200 WWII Mortar Shells Discovered Under School Sandpit

Somali president escapes a huge suicide car bombing attack

Cluster Munitions: New Use, Transfers Challenge Total Ban

Kenya: Probe after two officers killed in terror attack

Israel: Two Israelis recruited by Islamic Jihad arrested for smuggling weapons

IED explosion kills Turkish soldier in northern Iraq

India: Drone-dropped IED defused in Moirang

Uganda arrests 5 more, recovers explosives in Kampala bomb plot – police

Myanmar: Myawaddy governor killed in drone attack

Israel not equipped to handle Iranian explosives

Cambodia: India fund Koh Kong demining operations

Kenya: Two place officers killed, six injured in IED attack in Mandera

U.S. Embassy in Uganda: Security Alert

Yemen: Dozens of civilian casualties due to coalition remnants

California: Unattended Explosives Found at Camp Pendleton Triggered Evacuation

UK: Two men jailed for possessing a homemade ‘Warrington Grenade’

Nerves of Steel: 2023 Air Force Explosive Ordnance Team of the Year

IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine – Update 181

Myanmar: 5 injured in hospital bomb blast in Mandalay

EMF 150 Alpha hosts CBRN Training Teams aboard Camp Pendleton

Swedish cities hit by four residential explosions in an hour

Nigeria: We Need Help As Bandits Use Explosive Devices For Operations, COAS Tells UN Rep

China: PLA Army to participate in “Pure Homeland-2023” multinational joint demining operation in Cambodia

Enhanced detonators detection in X-ray baggage inspection by image manipulation and deep convolutional neural networks

Ecuadorian police arrest six after car bombs explode in Quito

Ukraine mines could exceed 1 million, says UN expert

Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer tackles new challenges in US Space Force

Pakistan: Torghar Levies chief escapes IED blast

Joint-Service EOD Training: Operation Solar Flare

Israel: Four IDF soldiers wounded in Joseph’s Tomb terror explosion

Global support for Cambodia’s landmine, UXO clearing efforts

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