May 6,  2016
Voice of County Leadership:  Doug Corcoran 

Doug Corcoran, CCAO president and Ross County commissioner, has always had a focus on community and mentoring. One of 16 children, the commissioner, who was born and raised in Chillicothe, was involved in his hometown at a young age, beginning with the 4-H program and his local church.

That sense of service continued to his work with the public sector when, while working as economic development director for the City of Chillicothe, he decided to run for office. As economic development director, Corcoran had the opportunity to observe Ross County Commissioners James Caldwell and the now-retired Frank Hirsch, a major influence on his decision to run. 

"I got to know two men who were in the county commissioners' office for several years and respected them, saw how they handled themselves and how they promoted the community," Corcoran said. "I wanted to get in to elected office and I knew that county commissioner was the right office because of the opportunity to have a positive impact on my community." Read more...


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