June 10,  2016
Voice of County Leadership - Julie Ehemann

I could do better than that. 
Most people have said a variation of that phrase when they are dissatisfied with a politician's performance. Most people don't do anything about it. Shelby County Commissioner Julie Ehemann is not most people, and that thought led to a career in local government that shows no signs of stopping.
Her political career began 23 years ago in the Village of Anna when she disagreed with how council members were operating and decided to do something about it.
"It was one of those funny things. I was reading in the newspaper about what they [village council members] were doing, and I thought, 'I could do that,'" she said.
She successfully ran for a spot as a village council member and was first appointed as chair of the Parks Committee. In her first year, she secured a $50,000 grant from NatureWorks and was able to make improvements to the park. She also started the Anna Garden Club to raise money to beautify the community.
In her fifth year on the council, the mayor resigned. Ehemann, as council president, slid seamlessly into the role, becoming the Village of Anna's first female mayor. She held that office uncontested for 12 years.
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