June 30,  2016
Shelby County Courthouse celebrates 135th anniversary
Shelby County Courthouse - built in 1881
Commissioners Tony Bornhorst, Julie Ehemann and Robert Guillozet led the celebration of the Shelby County Courthouse Legacy Project on June 19.  The $4.8 million renovation project, made possible by HB 295, began in 2014. The 135 year old courthouse has new windows (b
uilt in Shelby County), g round-l evel doors, fire alarm and HVAC systems, lighting inside the building and new roofs over the exterior entryways. Exterior doorways, stairways and columns were repaired and weatherized. In addition, sidewalks were replaced, west portico repaired and interior hallways were painted. Energy and cost savings of approximately $425,700 per year for the next 15 years will cover the cost of the project.
The first courthouse, an old block house, was built in 1822 followed by the second courthouse, a two story brick structure, completed in 1833. The current courthouse has been standing since 1881.
Shelby County was established in 1819 from the northern part of Miami County. The county was named for General Isaac Shelby, who was an officer in the American Revolutionary War, the first and fifth governor of Kentucky and served in the state legislatures of Virginia and North Carolina.   

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