July 22,  2016
Cuyahoga County announces strategic digital alliance
with Microsoft
Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish
Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish announced last week a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corp. that will bring increased technology access and computer-skills training to county residents, provide new resources for students and implement development initiatives aimed at helping and start-up organizations.
"In our region, like everywhere else, the demand for digital skills has never been higher," Budish said. "The strategic relationship we are establishing with Microsoft is an important step towards providing new resources and training to our citizens and new ways to learn for our students. It also supports our growing and critical start-up culture."
As part of the Digital Alliance, Cuyahoga County will work with Microsoft to provide:
Microsoft's Digital Literacy Curriculum - a "train the trainer" model on basic technology tools to help ensure a framework for residents to develop the digital skills required for many of today's entry-level jobs. The county will partner with non-government organizations such as the Cuyahoga County Public Library to identify candidate groups with gaps in digital literacy and close those gaps by offering residents digital literacy training.
Microsoft BizSpark - an innovative program that focuses on development and capacity building for county start-up organizations by providing tailor-made software and services. The county will partner with entrepreneurial incubators to deliver the program to 300 local start-ups.
Microsoft YouthSpark - an initiative that will broaden access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning opportunities for county students. Hundreds of local students will attend YouthSpark Live, a technology-exposure event where students will have the chance to take on technology challenges through small-group work, interact with Microsoft executives and learn more about technology-related careers. Microsoft is slated to host its first YouthSpark event in the Cleveland area on Tuesday, July 19.

MyCuyahoga Mobile App - a powered by CitySourced mobile service request system that provides residents with improved access to issue reporting and other helpful county information. The app is built on Microsoft Azure Government, Microsoft's cloud platform designed to meet U.S. government demands. Launched in time for the 2016 Republican National Convention, MyCuyahoga allows residents and visitors to identify issues such as graffiti, trash, and the need for safety escorts, car lockout and jump-start services. Users within the downtown Cleveland area will be able to upload photos and immediately send services requests directly to the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

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