September 30,  2016
Voices of County Leadership - Marilyn John

"Be at the table."
It's sounds simple, sure, but Richland County Commissioner Marilyn John makes it her mission to be at the table with legislators, elected officials and constituents as she takes a proactive approach to improving the quality of life for the residents of her county.
John began her political career in 2010 when she was elected Shelby, Ohio's mayor. Five years later, she saw a greater potential for her city and county and successfully ran for her position as commissioner.
"I saw a lot of possibilities for our community and felt that I could bring a certain skill set to the job and accomplish some things for our area," she said. "I also really wanted to get Shelby more involved at the county level. Shelby was very independent, and I felt we could grow and prosper from being more involved and influential at the county level."
When she took office, she discovered the county's budget had not yet been passed and, because only temporary budgets were being passed, departments were unaware of how much money they would have for the year. John went to work, networked and learned from other commissioners how they ran their budgets, and, two months later, pitched the idea of passing next year's budget ahead of schedule. That goal was accomplished, and the county was able to pass the next year's budget earlier as well as set up a budget stabilization fund.
For John, that hands-on approach is vital to achieving success.  Read more...  

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