Oct. 9, 2015
CCAOSC launches new Solar Savings Initiative
After receiving careful review from the CCAO Service Corporation (CCAOSC) Energy Executive
Committee and the CCAOSC Advisory Board, we are 
pleased to announce the start of our new Solar Savings Initiative. This initiative is the result of working with our energy consultants at Palmer Energy to carefully study under what circumstances solar can help counties save on their electric bills. While historically we have advised some counties against entering into solar agreements, several factors have since changed in the market. These factors include declining installation costs, improved technology and the rising cost of electricity.

The fact pattern under which savings are possible for counties involves facilities that consume large quantities of electricity that are surrounded by available land. Specifically, a facility having annual electric use in excess of 500,000 kilowatt-hours and/or monthly peak demands of 200 kilowatts or more. These facilities must have land in the direct vicinity of the facility in order to feed the solar generation into the facility's meter.
Call for an assessment and further details between now and Nov. 6 to see if your particular location is a good fit.
Just like with our current natural gas and electric programs, CCAOSC and Palmer Energy will provide legal and technical assistance to help counties negotiate and enter into the best possible agreement with a solar developer selected through the RFP process.
Click here for additional information about our Solar Savings Initiative. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Keith Blosser , Managing Director of Operations, at (614) 220-7978 or Palmer Energy Company's Kirkland Mizerek  at (419) 349-5990. 

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