Oct. 30, 2015
CCAOSC Energy Programs - substantial savings for counties
Some highlights of the number of county participants and estimated annual cost savings are as follows:
  • 52 counties in the natural gas program
    • Estimated Annual Savings for County Facilities = $1.3 million
  • 51 counties in the electric program
    • Estimated Annual Savings for County Facilities = $2.8 million
  • 25 counties in the government aggregation program
    • Estimated Annual Savings for Citizens of the Counties = $8 million
Additionally, 20 counties have expressed an interest in the new Solar Savings Initiative. Assessments of appropriateness for solar savings are going on now. 
Lastly, CCAOSC and their vendor partner energy experts at Palmer Energy discussed a potential new CCAOSC offering.  It is an energy insights dashboard tool to help counties obtain their energy consumption and cost data in a format that is easily understood and can be acted upon in as real time as possible.
If you have questions about any of the CCAOSC Energy programs, please contact Keith Blosser , Managing Director of Operations, at (614) 220-7978 or (888) 757-1904.

As a county leader, if you are actively involved in a state issue campaign, please let us know and send all pictures, articles, etc. to Communications Coordinator Andrew Johnson at ajohnson@ccao.org.
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