Sept. 4, 2015
Benton to be sworn in as Delaware County Commissioner
Please join CCAO in welcoming our newest county commissioner - Jeffrey T. Benton, who will be sworn in as Delaware county commissioner on Tuesday, Sept. 8. Benton was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Ken O'Brien, who resigned. Benton's career includes more than 35 years as a business executive in financial services and other industries. He is a graduate of Miami University with a Bachelors of Science degree in accounting and is a certified public accountant. 
Benton worked for Arthur Andersen and Company as an in-charge accountant before moving to Wendy's International in several business executive roles. Benton's most recent experience has been in senior leadership positions with three different banks. Along with his career, Benton has always been committed to community service. He currently serves on the Ohio Wesleyan University Board of Trustees, as Chair of the OWU Finance Committee and as a member of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Investment Advisory Committee. He is also a board member of the Little Brown Jug Society and the Delaware County Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council. 

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