Dear Temple Sholom Family,

In this time of Counting the Omer , many of us fixated on a different count. It has been 32 days and 14 hours since the Shelter-In-Place began. It has been 28 days since the Mayor shut down the Lakefront. It has been 19 days since we received our first “UnSave The Date” for a Bar Mitzvah . It has been five days since we gathered for a bris on Zoom. We’ve noticed that the “playlists” Apple Music and Spotify put together for us are populated with slower, more contemplative music. Our Daily Crossword Puzzles’ prompts seem a bit simpler. Could it be that they know something about us that we hadn’t noticed? This pandemic is affecting our mental health and our rallying energy has waned. 

For many of us, this pandemic has exacerbated our existing issues. We long for a kind of release— some grounding and hope. We are grateful for our virtual AA Meetings, Teletherapy, Warm Lines and Hot Lines that help us maintain our sense of self.  Click HERE for a list of resources that continue to support us.

We look to our Temple Sholom Community to find strength and inspiration.

  • TODAY, at 5pm we will go Live on Facebook with Clergy Conversations. Our 2020-2021 Temple Sholom Clergy will share insights about what songs, poems, texts, and art provide us with continued motivation in these trying times. Click HERE to watch tonight's inaugural event at 5pm.

  • Join us next Monday at 9am for a Musical Meditation with Cantor Ben-David, Rabbi Conover and some of Temple Sholom’s extraordinary musicians. This will be a brief and meaningful way to begin your week. Click HERE for the Zoom Link.

  • The Rabbi Is In this week—April 24, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM. While all your clergy are always available to you, Rabbi Rossoff is holding special hours for appointments to help get you through. Click HERE to make an appointment for "The Rabbi is In."

  • You are invited every Monday through Friday for Kaddish D’Rabbanan at 3pm. These 30 minutes filled with study and prayer provide insights that are both uplifting and centering. Click HERE for the Zoom Link.

One of our favorite ways of finding release is through laughter. As Charlie Chaplin said, “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.” Below are a couple of YouTube Channels that continue to make us laugh.

On this 13 th Day of Counting the Omer , through our community, we are learning to count the moments of our days differently. We have heard 360 peals of laughter since Religious School went online. We have pondered 120 insightful questions since gathering for Kaddish D’Rabbanan . We have engaged in 180 different fun projects since Gan Shalom went virtual. We have sung 800,000 musical notes together since we began welcoming our community and clergy into our homes through Zoom and Facebook Live. 

And… we count our blessings that you are part of this sacred community that embraces, inspires, and matters.

Wishing you and yours continued good health and safety.

L’sholom ,

Virtual Worship

Click HERE for Tot Shabbat and Friday Night Shabbat Services via Zoom,
Click HERE for Tot Shabbat and Friday Night Shabbat Services via Facebook Live,
Click HERE for Saturday Morning Minyan and Torah Study,
Click HERE for Daily Kaddish D’Rabbanan Gatherings.
Links to additional Virtual Services, as well as Virtual Adult Education Classes, will be listed in the Thursday, April 23, Congregational eBlast.

This week we invite you to write letters to our guests at the Monday Meal. This allows us to continue to provide the dignity and warmth that is the signature of our Monday Meal. Please mail your letters and cards (in bulk) to:

Temple Sholom of Chicago
c/o Toby Sanders
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