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Extension Deadline
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Our next deadline is Monday, April 2nd for getting us your information to file an extension . We still need all available tax information from you so we can determine your tax liability.

Remember, the 6-month extension for filing does NOT apply to paying tax due! Estimated taxes are due to the IRS by April 17 to avoid penalties and interest.
Why do we file for extensions?
  • We didn't receive all your tax documents by our deadline (March 1 for individuals)
  • You are still waiting on documents or corrected documents, such as K-1's or 1099's
  • You'll be out of town and won't be able to review your returns
  • You need more time to pay off outstanding balances from last year's tax prep fees
  • Your situation is complicated and may require additional time and planning, such as funding certain types of retirement plans

Speaking of planning , if you have any issues that can wait until after the deadline, please hold off on trying to contact us! Get in touch with us after tax season to schedule an appointment when we are not so very busy.
Your gift for National Poetry Day...
Ode to Our Clients by our own poet extraordinaire, Mary Payne

We love you as clients and think you are very rare
For choosing the elevator and not taking the stair
It’s quite a thrill ride to the fourth floor, we know!
And we’re happy to see you when you finally show

You bring us your tax work and we crunch those numbers
And you trust in us not to make any blunders
You’re happy when you leave if you don’t have to pay
And you give us a hug which makes our day

But bear with us if we don’t always seem ourselves
We’re not like Santa, we don’t have any elves
It’s long days and nights now but the end is in sight
And for you, our dear clients, we need to get it right

So thank you for trusting us to prepare your return
Getting it right the first time is our biggest concern!

Taxes and Cyber Threats...
... the new guarantees for life in the 21st century!

  • IRS Scams - Always be wary of calls and emails - most likely, you will get a letter in the mail if the IRS needs to contact you
  • Social Media Privacy - Nothing posted is really private on the internet, but if you are concerned about your Facebook or Twitter accounts following the latest "leak" of information, click here for more info
  • Brushing Scam - Here's a new weird one: if you receive cheap hair accessories, or any other free products you didn't order in the mail, scammers may be using your name and address to post fake positive reviews for other products

Never send out sensitive information in an email, even to us!
(Use the File Exchange feature on your portal instead)
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Stay safe out there!

Nancy Carter, Office Manager
Boulder CPA Group