Cass County Sales Tax Protects Rural Farmland and Towns

Since 2010 when Cass County voters approved a sales tax for flood protection, 28 projects across the County have received funding for flood protection to protect homes, farms, and an industrial park through the construction of dams, levees, detention, lift stations, and repairs to previously damaged infrastructure. 

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Leaders Committed to work with Minnesota, North Dakota, and Army Corps on Permanent Flood Protection

Numerous public leaders reconfirmed their commitment to building the FM Area Diversion Project last month. Members of the Diversion Authority Board, including the Mayors of Fargo and Moorhead, have been meeting with federal officials and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Authority is also working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to establish a working group.

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FAQ: What areas will be protected by the Project?
The Project protects the entire Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area from a  catastropic flood event. The Diversion Channel routes water around  Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding communities. It also improves drainage for flooding along the Maple, Rush and Lower Rush Rivers. In total, more than 230,000 people are protected by the Project. 

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FM Area Diversion Project

Flood Diversion Authority

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