County Water Cut Over
7 July 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
Above Ground Water Storage Tank Cut Over
The GCA received a communique from the Albemarle County Service Authority Senior Civil Engineer. Below is his email ...
We are targeting Tuesday, July 9th to complete a second round of start-up testing of the Glenmore Tank and Pump Station. Our plan is to switch the Glenmore subdivision over to the tank and pump station during a portion of the day and monitor. If all goes well, we would like to make the final connection along Glenmore Way on Thursday, July 11th. 

I will be at the site during the testing on Tuesday in the event anything arises. During the test period on Tuesday, there may be some fluctuations in water pressure and brief service disruptions.   

Jeremy M. Lynn, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
Albemarle County Service Authority
(434) 977-4511
Breezy Hill Update
There's a good Daily Progress article related to Albemarle County development without road improvements in the 3 July edition (click here ). According to the article, Kevin McDermott (a county transportation planner) said he had not factored (the Comprehensive Plan's) possible densities in the transportation priorities or scoring models. There are other communities in the same situation as Glenmore. According to the article, transportation improvements at the Belvedere Blvd and Rio Rd intersection were not ranked. Dunlora residents in that area "have asked the county for a moratorium on development until road improvements are addressed" (click here).
Latest Breezy Hill News from the County Senior Planner
The Breezy Hill application is scheduled for a Work Session with the Albemarle County Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 30, at 6PM. This project review is not a Public Hearing, and no action will be taken by the Commission; but members of the public will still have the opportunity to address the Planning Commission during this Work Session.
PC meeting agendas (with links to meeting materials) will be made available (click here ). ZMA201900004 application materials and other project-related documents are available (click here ).
 Tim Padalino, AICP
Senior Planner ­| Community Development Department
County of Albemarle, Virginia
(434)-296-5832 x. 3088
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Nr ZMA201900004
Seeking Glenmore Farm History
If you have knowledge of Glenmore Farm before it was owned by the Kesslers, please contact the Equestrian Center by clicking here.
Why is there a Chain at the Road to the River?
We have been experiencing a significant increase in daytime and nighttime partying on an island in the Rivanna River. Cars were driven to the site on the road between the golf course ponds. In 2010 Glenmore Associates (now defunct), Glenmore Country Club (GCC), and the GCA all deeded property (100-300 feet wide) adjacent to the Rivanna River to Albemarle County now a part of the Rivanna River Trail. Included in that land transfer deed is a clause that restricts motor vehicles to only emergency and maintenance vehicles. The deed also requires GCA and GCC (not the county) be responsible for enforcing the no-vehicle clause of the deed. Unfortunately, due to the recent increased vehicle activity near the river, the GCA and GCC took the measure of installing the chain across the road as the means to enforce the clause. The installation of the chain was communicated to the community via a prior GCA newsletter.
Also associated with the increased vehicle access has been increased partying on an island in the river. Over the past several weeks GCA Board members have removed approximately 400 beer cans and other trash from the area. Further exacerbating the matter, two foot bridges were erected from the river bank to the island; both were removed. You may also have noticed a blue trash receptacle along the dirt road. As a means of trying to encourage people to remove their trash, we've recently placed that trash can. The "Pack it in, pack it out" slogan has been used successfully in many areas. Prior to the installation of the chain there were also reports from GCA residents of public nudity in the area.
Suggestions have been made to install trail cameras to identify the offenders. As the property nearest the river is privately and county owned, the installation of cameras would need landowner and/or county approvals. The nearest GCC-owned location from the island is approximately 200 feet away and the nearest GCA-owned property is just outside the chain, making the cameras ineffective with regards to activities on or near the river and island.

Both GCA and GCC are working with Albemarle County representatives to include County executives, Board of Supervisors, County Parks and Recreation, and County Maintenance and Facilities on other river issues associated with the Greenway. Two GCA Board members are part of that team. During our last meeting we raised the issue of the bridge construction and trash on the island. The condition of the river, the riverbank, and its cleanliness will continue to be raised with the county during these meetings.

It's unfortunate that a few people and their guests behave in manners that are clearly unacceptable to the community as a whole. Likewise as the river is open to the public who are able to traverse the river and land on the island and the riverbank, those types of public behaviors are equally unacceptable. GCA would urge concerned residents to contact the Albemarle County Parks and Recreation to provide your own personal views and observations. 
Volleyball at the GCA Sports Field
We have a  Volleyball court  and equipment at the GCA Sports Field. If you need equipment, its in the equipment shed at the Sports Field. Contact Thelma Washington (Associa) at 434-984-0700 Ext 1 for the combination to the sports equipment shed.
GCA Members ... Looking for Answers?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. If you open the Web Page and click on "More", you'll see "FAQs" with answers to frequently asked questions such as:
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Jul 17: Albemarle County Board Meeting 1PM and 6PM
Jul 18: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Jul 30: Albemarle Cty Breezy Hill Applic Work Session 6PM
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