eUpdate - June 4, 2020 
Countywide Nighttime Curfew Rescinded Today
We need to speak out for reform; our silence is complicity
The County Administrator has cancelled the countywide nighttime curfew effective 1 pm today, Thursday.
Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose, and the counties of San Mateo and Alameda also rescinded their curfews today.

This action does not affect any city curfews that may remain in effect or be proposed.
The curfew, which many local cities asked the County to impose, was intended to help prevent looting and violence. The curfew was not intended to interfere with the important peaceful protests over racism in America and the tragic death of George Floyd.   
We all have a choice - we can speak out and work against the structures and polices that promote injustice and inequality in our country, or we can just say that we're not part of the problem and it's up to others to fix it. Indifference or silence make us complicit. 
We must seize on the energy of protestors across the U.S. and speak up for change. 

Please watch some of my thoughts about this:

Let's continue to stay safe and healthy!

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