May 2019


Do What You Have to Do Before You Have to Do It

A couple of
years ago a friend of mine told me, "Do  what you have to do before you have to do it," and I have ruminated on the wisdom of that ever since.

My husband and I have decided to downsize after being in the same home for 30 years. We raised 3 children here, have had numerous birthday parties, brunches, wedding receptions, milestones, and A LOT of teen events. Not to mention . . .

Good Feelings Equal Good Business

Good Feelings
I read an article by my friend, Ron Marcus, about a restaurant experience he had. To summarize, his issue was that they had all these "rules" posted about what could be shared from the buffet, etc. It was not a pleasant experience for him.

His article got me thinking about the concept of customer service and marketing.

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