August 10, 2018 - Issue 18-31

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Lee Ellis is the founder and President of Leading with Honor®, a leadership and team development consulting and coaching company. 

Ellis is yet another coach I've recently  "met" on LinkedIn, and has some fresh takes on what constitutes powerful leadership.  As you know if you've been a member of The Unity Community for very long, leadership is a topic we often focus on. In 3 Leadership Characteristics of My Mentor, Col. Dick O'Grady, Lee describes the traits he admired in a mentor from his Air Force career, who recently "flew west".

Mentoring relationships are rewarding experiences for both the mentor and the "mentee", as we discussed some months ago in this issue of The Unity Community

Lee Identifies in his friend and mentor several hallmarks of O'Grady's leadership style:
  • Courage, confidence, and humility
  • Optimism and realism
  • Care for, and willingness to confront when necessary, his people
In the article and in the linked video (to see the video you're asked to subscribe to his monthly letter, which I find very good - of course you can unsubscribe if you don't want it), Lee explains how O'Grady exhibited these sometimes apparently contradictory characteristics. A couple of things that stand out for me in his explanation are:
  • Consistency - this goes along with confidence. He knew where he stood, and stood there - whichever way the wind blew.
  • Knowing his people - them personally, their families, their lives. Every good leader I've known has done this - it's hard to be seriously caring about someone if you know only 10% of what matters to them!
Striving continually to develop these attributes in your own style of leadership will guarantee you success in:

Building morale and camaraderie within your organization.

Gaining the loyalty of your team members.

Retaining the best of the best of your people.

Encouraging everyone to do their best work in support of the organizational mission.

Yet another view in our continuing examination of how the best leaders lead. I hope you enjoy it!

John Stevens

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