August 2017
Highlights of 2017 Conference

Fr. Bochanski reports to conference attendees
about Courage's international reach

It was a full house again this year as approximately 350 people gathered for prayer, inspiration, and fellowship in Mundelein from July 27-30 at the annual Courage/EnCourage conference. Participants came from  across  the US, Canada, Mexico, from Central and South America, Europe, and even as far as Singapore! The majority were members of Courage and EnCourage, but we also welcomed five bishops, about fifty clergy members, and several religious and other professionals who came to provide support and learn best practices for providing pastoral care for persons who experience same-sex attractions.  A separate clergy study day offered additional guidance specific to clergy.  

Fr. Bochanski interviewed about Conference and More
In this interview, Courage Executive Director, Fr. Philip Bochanski describes the goals of Courage and EnCourage, reports on the conference, and answers several compelling questions.    

Bishops'  Homilies
Two of the bishops who celebrated Mass with us share copies of their homilies for further reflection.
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio
Bishop Thomas Paprocki
Conference Covered on EWTN News Nightly 

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Conference Highlights on Facebook and Twitter
See photos, video interviews, and memorable quotes posted by our communications director by checking out our Facebook posts and Tweets from July 25 through August 4. 

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On the Courage Twitter feed,  Fr. Bochanski tweeted a link to a video of his keynote message  on the hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and their relationship to us.  This talk and the rest of the talks from the conference are available for purchase in a DVD set

Several conference participants were interviewed about of the blessings of the conference. 

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More video interviews of conference participants
Conference photos on Facebook
Fr. Check with his gift from
Courage and EnCourage
Fr. Paul Check Honored 
We were pleased to express our gratitude to Fr. Paul N. Check for his years of dedicated service and wise leadership as the Executive Director of Courage from 2008 to 2016. Father was first awarded the C-MAC award, then a video tribute was presented, and, finally, Father received a beautiful, hand-crafted chasuble with the image of Our Lady of Courage, made by the sisters of the Benedictines of Mary.  Father Check's reflections can be summed up in his statement: "The men and women of Courage changed my priesthood."

Conference  Video and Audio 

Many of the talks from this year's conference as well as from past conferences are available for purchase and/or online viewing.  These resources are terrific for Courage and EnCourage members, but they also are a great way to introduce others to our apostolate.  Consider giving some CDs or DVDs or emailing a link to clergy members, family, or friends. 

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Courage News
Focus on Fr. James Lloyd
Fr. James Lloyd 
Long time dear friend of Courage, Fr. James Lloyd, C.S.P,  at ninety-six, is both the oldest living Paulist priest and the oldest Courage chaplain.   Fr. Lloyd's joy-filled and fulfilling life as a priest is captured well in this First Things story, A Priest's Wonderful Life .   

"Running a Courage Meeting"
As the longest-serving Courage chaplain in the world as well as a Ph.D. psychologist, Fr. Lloyd is well-qualified to give pointers on running a Courage meeting. Chaplains, learn here from one of our best!

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Fr. Lloyd Interviews Jackie Gleason and Mother Teresa
Fr. Lloyd hosted Inquiry, a Sunday morning talk show on NBC, for 15 years, starting in 1958.  He had meaningful conversations with many celebrities.  You would never know that Jackie Gleason was a comedian as Fr. Lloyd engaged him in a profound discussion about faith, reason, and conscience. 

Click to view Fr. Lloyd speaking with Jackie Gleason 
In 1971 Fr. Lloyd had the privilege of interviewing Mother Teresa and Malcolm Muggeridge upon the release of Muggeridge's book about Mother, Something Beautiful for God

Click to view Fr. Lloyd with Mother Teresa and Malcolm Muggeridge

Fr. Lloyd offers us some more precious nuggets at  "Catholicism, Scholarship, and Fun!" where several of his blog posts address the subject of same-sex attraction with clarity and charity.  

Fr. Lloyd_s blog

Courage Fall Women's Retreat 
November 2-5 in Northern New Jersey 
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Christian Manhood Retreat
December 8-10 in Southern California
Congreso Latinoamericano  de Courage Latino 2017
Del 17 al 19 de Noviembre 
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Living Waters East Coast Leadership Training
November 3-9, 2018, Mystic, Connecticut 
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Equips attendees for effective ministry to the sexually and relationally broken.
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