February 2017
Fr. Bochanski on Courage's New Official Status
Fr. Philip Bochanski
Executive Director of Courage
To the Courage and EnCourage Community: 

I am pleased to announce that on 28 November 2016, Most Rev. Frank Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport, signed a decree establishing Courage International as a diocesan clerical public association of the faithful. This act gives the Courage and EnCourage apostolate official canonical status in the Roman Catholic Church and recognizes our connection to the hierarchy. This is an important step in our ultimate goal of being recognized as a universal public association under the supervision of the Holy See. ... [read more]

The Code of Canon Law states that public associations of the faithful are established so that "the Christian faithful ... [may] strive in a common endeavor to foster a more perfect life, to promote ... Christian doctrine," and "to exercise other works of the apostolate such as initiatives of evangelization, works of piety or charity, and those which animate the temporal order with a Christian spirit" (canon 298.1). I know you will join me in fervent prayer that the establishment of Courage International as a public association of the faithful will give us even greater resources and motivation for carrying out these lofty purposes as we strive together in pursuit of the goals of Courage and EnCourage.

Fr. Philip Bochanski
Executive Director

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Upcoming Events
Courage Day of Recollection
March 25, Philadelphia, PA ( Solemnity of the Annunciation)
Theme: "Lord, Teach us How to Pray"
Guest speaker: Fr. J.D. Jaffe, Diocese of Arlington
Details and registration:
Courage Women's Retreat 
April 6-9, Bethlehem, PA  (Palm Sunday weekend)
Cost: $250
Details and registration: Tina at 
Courage Men's Regional Retreat
April 6-9, Irondale, AL  ( Palm Sunday weekend)
Retreat master: Fr. Peter Ryan;  Dcn. Patrick Lappert, MD, also present
Suggested donation: $160  (lesser contributions accepted in case of need) 
Details and registration: 
Sports Camp XVIII
May 25-28, Pennsylvania 
Cost: $410 (scholarships available)
New article about Sports Camp (includes testimonies)
30th Annual Courage/EnCourage Conference 
Mundelein, IL, July 27-30  (Clergy Study Day July 26)
University of Saint Mary of the Lake (suburban Chicago) 
Courage Resources
Focus on Matt Fradd
2017 Conference Speaker on Pornography

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Matt Fradd - "Porn:10 Myths Exposed"
We are looking forward to having Matt Fradd join us at our conference this summer.  He is one of the preeminent speakers in the nation on the dangers of pornography, working tirelessly to help individuals find freedom. Here are just a few of his resources: 

Website: The Porn Effect  Several experts come together to share their collective wisdom as well as a number of testimonies.  Includes a battle plan, loads of articles, multimedia resources, "Ask an Expert", and more. 

Podcasts: Integrity Restored on iTunes (weekly podcast) and MattFradd on Sound Cloud

Video or Audio: Porn: 10 Myths Exposed, talk at Franciscan University of Steubenville.  ( More videos)

EnCourage Resources
"Mom...Dad, I'm Gay": How Should a Catholic Parent Respond? by David Prosen and Allison Ricciardi on  How should a Catholic parent respond? How do you strike that balance between condoning something that the Church teaches is wrong, and being supportive of the child you love who may have been struggling with these feelings for years? This free e-book offers a guide to help Catholic parents strike that balance. 
Fighting for Freedom: A Prayerful Response to "Gay" Loved Ones  by Andrew Comiskey. This front page article from a  Desert Stream/Living Waters newsletter ad dresses many important components of a God-centered response to children with same-sex attraction:  humbly asking forgiveness, seeing with His eyes, and trusting with bold prayer.  Followed by a practical list of tips for "When Your Child Discloses Their Homosexuality."  

Pastoral and Catechetical Resources
For clergy, parish and diocesan staff, catechists, 
mental/medical health care professionals, and other pastoral ministers

Linacre Quarterly, Nov. 2015
Issue on same-sex attraction
The November 2015 issue of the official journal of the Catholic Medical Association included articles from many respected experts, touching on several dimensions of care for persons with same-sex attraction. You'll want to peruse the entire issue, but here are a few highlights: 
This collection of quotations about sexual identity confusion, offered by USCCB staff, are taken from magisterial documents, recent popes, and USCCB writings. They may prove helpful for educational purposes in the pastoral and public policy context.

Courage does not necessarily fully endorse all of the ideas included in resources that are not produced by Courage, but we still like to share items that we and our members have found to have considerable helpful content. 
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