Our next Spotlight for the upcoming 2022 Menlo Charity Horse Show celebrates a man crafting one extremely important element for those in the Jumper ring: Menlo's Jumper Course Designer, Alan Wade of Tipperary, Ireland. The internationally acclaimed course designer is highly respected by top riders, and currently designs for several of the most prestigious shows around the world. His designs are known to test the horse's skill set across all elements -short, long, tall, and wide. Alan Wade grew up immersed in the world of upper-level horse sport. When he was young, he could be found trailing his father, fellow course designer and international show jumping competitor Tommy Wade, at horse shows throughout Ireland. Tommy Wade's legendary show jumping career was over before Alan was born, and he turned his attention to course building. Alan was roped in to help at local shows from a very early age and grew up learning the craft from his father and the community of international course designers around the world. Tommy Wade was Chef d'Equipe of the Irish team and participated in over 30 Nations Cup competitions worldwide.