Course One eNews | September 2022

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In this month’s newsletter we share an op-ed from the CSHub explaining how cities can combat extreme heat. Professor Elfatih Eltahir and former grad student Alexandre Tuel PhD ’20 examine the future of climate change in Europe, and we share an interview with CEE alumna Lynn Yamada Davis ’77, who has found success in her second career as a TikTok creator. We also congratulate CEE alumnus Andrew Feldman PhD ’21 for receiving the 2021 Lorenz G. Straub Award.

Also in this issue, we highlight new research from Professor Masic’s Lab, and Professor Serguei Saaverdra who worked with a team of researchers to investigate how multiple species coexist in fragmented landscapes. This month’s profile is on CEE alumna Christine Langston ’19, who discusses her current role as a Data Implementation Engineer.



Ali Jadbabaie

JR East Professor

Department Head, MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering

Core Faculty, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society

Headshot of Ali Jadbabaie
A sign that reads "Caution! Extreme heat danger"

Extreme heat kills inequitably

Extreme heat is the deadliest natural hazard in the United States and impacts vulnerable communities at a higher rate. The CSHub explains how implementing reflective pavements can help in this op-ed in The Hill.

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This summer has been a glimpse into Europe's hot, dry future

Rising temperatures in Europe have led to severe heatwaves and droughts. CEE Prof. Elfatih Eltahir and Alexandre Tuel PhD '20 share how its proximity to the Mediterranean may make it a hotspot for climate change.

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CEE alumna named one of Forbes' 2022 Top Creators

After a 29-year engineering career, CEE alumna Lynn Yamada Davis '77 has gained over 11 million followers on her TikTok account, "Cooking with Lynja." In this interview with Forbes, Davis discusses the success she's found in her second career.

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Headshot of Andrew Feldman

CEE alumnus receives 2021 Lorenz G. Straub Award 

Andrew Feldman PhD '21 received the 2021 Lorenz G. Straub Award for his dissertation on ecosystems in Africa and post-storm drydown as the fundamental unit of time where the water, energy, and carbon cycles link over land.

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Roman aqueduct

Reactive ceramic aggregates in mortars from ancient water infrastructure serving Rome and Pompeii

New research from Prof. Admir Masic's Lab explains the durability of crushed ceramics in the ancient Roman empire, and how it could inspire the sustainable design of modern infrastructure.

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Rock pools on an island in the Baltic Sea

How can multiple species coexist in fragmented landscapes?

In a new study published in PNAS, CEE Prof. Serguei Saaverdra and a team of researchers developed a mathematical framework to better understand how multiple species coexist in fragmented landscapes. 

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CEE Profiles
Headshot of Christine Langston

Alumni Spotlight: Christine Langston '19

Christine Langston graduated with her bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT in 2019. She followed the systems core track of the degree, and now works as a Data Implementation Engineer at Tolemi, a government technology company in Boston.

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