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March 2017 


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Dear Jung Platformers,
We are looking forward to sharing our upcoming programs with you, including a new Alchemy course with Robert Bosnak! 

Enroll here for a fascinating four week course on Personal Myth with Dennis Slattery, beginning March 14th. 

Enjoy a blog interview with Dennis Slattery about 'Personal Myth'  here .

We're excited to announce a new 10-week alchemy course with Robert Bosnak on the Imagination of Air and the Azure Vault, beginning April 13th. Enroll here for a 10% discount.


Aug 2017 * Take a dream journey to Amsterdam and enjoy an in-depth, local experience of this beautiful city. More info below or click here
Enjoy a video presentation on this exciting journey here.

Sept 2017 * Thomas Moore:  One year certification program - Care of the Soul in Daily Life. More information  here  or below.

Jung Platform Team

Personal Myth and the Quest for Meaning
by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D.
Four week course begins
March 14, 2017

Enroll now here 
(course starts next Tuesday the 14th)

Personal Myth and the Quest for Meaning
Four week course by Dennis P. Slattery
"Thus it is that I have now undertaken, in my eighty-third year, to tell my personal myth. I can only make direct statements, only 'tell stories.' Whether or not the stores are 'true' is not the problem. The only question is whether what I tell is my fable, my truth."
C.G.  Jung, Memories, Dreams Reflections, pp. 3-4.
Course Overview: In this series of webinars, we will explore several angles on the complexity of personal mythology. Jung himself saw it as "the task of tasks" for anyone of us. Not knowing some of the contours of our personal mythology leaves us open to all forms of propaganda, abuse and misdirection, especially when we unknowingly or knowingly, begin to live out another's personal myth, leaving our own gasping at the side of road, unacknowledged and unlived. We will engage the four arenas outlined below to come to a greater understanding of what myth is wanting to live us.
Class I. Personal Mythology. I will use sections from my own book,  Riting Myth, Mythic Writing: Plotting Your Personal Story (2012) to engage some of the terms of a personal myth as I understand it. I will also invite you, between each session, to engage one or two "riting meditations" and ask that you write them out in cursive rather than use your lap top. In our next session I will invite some of you to read what you have written.
Class II. Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Call to/Refusal of The  Adventure. We will select several key passages from  The Hero With a Thousand Faces to deepen our understanding of being called and, if one so chooses, refusing the call.
Class III. Living Myth and Mimesis. The ancient Greeks discovered what Aristotle was to call mimesis, which is a process by which we discover something in the outer world that has a connection to our inner world. Our creation of a personal myth is generated in part from such a connection. Mimesis also rests at the heart of stories, narratives that have particular resonance in our lives.
Class IV.  Psyche, Poetics and Mythic Analogies. Jung himself wrote that "analogy formation" is a law which to a large extent governs the psyche. We will ask how the power of analogy is operative in the creation of our personal mythology.

Dates: Tuesday, March 14, 28; April 11, 18

Time live webinar: 1:00pm CST / 11am PST

Length: Four week course, 50 - 60 minute lecture and 30 minutes Q&A (incl. an audio and video recording)

Cost: $89 (incl. audio recording and access to video).

No-risk Cancellation Policy : Cancel your enrollment at any time up to the official start of the workshop for a full refund. You can also withdraw from the workshop at any time during the first week if you are not satisfied for any reason, and still receive a full refund.

Enroll here

-  send a check to: Jung Platform, 29 Layton Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84115
- pay over the phone: +1-801-656-8806
- pay by paypal, use email info@jungplatform.com

Imagination of Air and the Azure Vault

An in-depth course in Alchemical Psychology

with Robert Bosnak
Starts April 13th, 2017

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With his remarkable chapter on air James Hillman devises a method to look at science and technology as a metaphor system. It shows how the spirits formerly seen in the alchemical process are now all around us in the technology we use. For our contemporaries it is essential to understand technology not just as the literal tools and inventions we employ, but as ways the creative autonomous imagination expresses itself technologically today and makes us into who we are. It teaches a radically new way of reflection. This chapter is essential for all dreamers who live in the here-and-now on our way to an uncertain future.
The Azure vault focuses on our ability to know the world by way of our sense of aesthetics. Alchemists tell us that each particle of matter is formed around its own creative spark called caelum , heaven. An eye trained in seeing the sparks in all matter by way of aesthetic recognition sees a world alive with creativity. Hillman teaches us to hone our skills of letting the world reveal itself as a living abode.

James Hillman  was a past master of alchemical psychology. This field uses metaphors derived from ancient alchemy to elucidate deep structures in the creative imagination. Creative processes are not random. Imagination embodies along lines that become apparent when we ponder the frequently incomprehensible images of alchemy.

James Hillman was the primary training analyst of Robert Bosnak, who developed the field of embodied imagination: the way in which images can be felt in the body and shape our embodied condition. By studying alchemical psychology we come to understand ourselves and other humans in surprising ways that frequently diverge sharply from the habitual understandings we have unconsciously absorbed from the cultures in which we were raised. These new awarenesses can engender unexpected vitality and wonder.

This course follows the teachings of Hillman in his final and most profound book, Alchemical Psychology. This volume covers a lifetime of studies and is quite difficult to read by someone who is not deeply steeped in alchemy, the work of C.G. Jung as well as James Hillman. Bosnak has worked with and studied these thinkers for well over 40 years.

In the course we will go through the chapters 'Imagination of Air' and 'The Azure Vault' page by page, and frequently line by line, sometimes dropping even between the lines into the great mystery itself. For those who have tasted these mysteries, there is no way back. One is haunted by them for life. It was so with Jung, Hillman, and with Bosnak as well. It will happen to you if you're open to it.

Robert Bosnak, PsyA  is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. Since then he was been in private practice in the United States and Australia. He founded the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary, developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination. He also wrote several books, among which the worldwide bestseller 'A Little Course In Dreams'.

Course length:  This is a 10 class course. In eight months there are 10 web presentations of 1.5 hour.

Dates:  live web broadcast, you will get an audio recording of the event as well.

Imagination of Air
April 13
May 4, 18
June 1,15,29
July 13, 27

Azure Vault
October 19
November 9

Time: 6pm PST / 9pm EST 

Location: online / webinar

Cost: 10 Sessions: $150 (incl. copy of the audio recording). Early bird discount until March 20th, only $135

Early bird discount Enroll HERE

Pay over the phone: call Machiel Klerk at +1 801-656-8806

You can also send a check to
Jung Platform
29 West Layton Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Pay via PayPal to info@jungplatform.com

Early birdy discount - ENROLL HERE

One Year Certification Training Program:
Care of the Soul in Daily Life
with Thomas Moore
Starts Sept 2017

This year long course in Care of the Soul is an introduction to the work of Thomas Moore and especially about living a life with soul and spirit. It steers a middle course between study and practical living. It would be useful for people wanting to live more deeply and go beyond the surface ideas of contemporary psychology and spirituality and for therapists, counselors, medical professionals and teachers looking for a deeper approach to their work.

I. SOUL IN EVERYDAY LIFE.  A soulful life is seriously engaged with the ordinary stuff of daily life: making a home, cultivating friendships, doing work you love, finding friendship, community and beauty.  It thrives on intimate connection, an appreciation for the past and full individual and emotional presence.
II. IMAGINATION, POETICS AND NARRATIVE.  Imagination is the main power of the soul. Central to entering the domain of soul is an appreciation for a poetic style of expression and a sophisticated understanding of story. Again, we live in a world of facts and empirical studies. The soul orientation is more inspired by the arts and ideas.
III. THE SOUL IN RELATIONSHIP.  Relationships, especially intimate ones, are unimaginably deep and full of mystery.  Since soul is more about deepening our humanity than perfecting our lives, imperfection has a place. The goal, if you can speak of one, in caring for the soul is not to improve, solve problems and get better, but to go deeper into who we are and what we are doing.
IV, SPIRITUALITY WITH SOUL.  Spirit moves in a different direction and needs soul for grounding and humanization. Soul keeps a focus on basic human needs, like family and home, emotion and eros. It keeps spirit from becoming too literal and critical. Spiritual practice tends toward perfection, while soul work allows a great deal of individual imperfection.
Each participant can take the course in his or her own direction. Therapists could focus on bringing soul into their practice, and anyone can make the course a more personal exploration. Still, this is an introductory course, a solid preparation for more focused courses to follow.
Dates: to be announced. The course is expected to start in September
Location: Jaffrey, New Hampshire
Cost: $4250, early bird discount $3900 before May 1st(payment in installments possible). Includes a certification.

Enroll by emailing Machiel Klerk at machiel@jungplatform.com

Amsterdam Dream Journey 
An in-depth local experience of Amsterdam
with Machiel Klerk
Aug 2017

Enjoy a video presentation about this exciting journey HERE.

Get a true local experience of Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. This promises to be a dream journey to the city that was founded in the 13th century, with UNESCO world heritage city center canal ring, and some of the greatest museums in the world.

Travel local style in a small group and learn a lot about the culture of The Netherlands and Amsterdam with your Dutch guide Machiel Klerk. He grew up in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is his "other home." 

Machiel will tell you about the history of Amsterdam, show you the fun places and provide talks and lectures to give you a real idea of the Dutch and Amsterdam cultural mentality. At the same time you will have time to do an inner journey by engaging in several dream groups and do some one on one inner work with Machiel.

Of course, we've also planned lots of time to enjoy modern Amsterdam's markets, pubs, and the arts as theatre, concerts and festivals too. You'll come away with a deep and rich understanding of what makes this country tick, and you might have fallen in love with this place.

Please let us know if you are interested before March 30th. Which allows us to book and plan accordingly.

Learn more HERE.

Calling All Lucid Dreamers!

The Spring Issue of LDE is now available! 

Click here for some fascinating articles, reader submitted lucid dreams and more!

Recommended Blog of the Month

Read an interview with Dennis Slattery on Personal Myth here.

" In addition to the importance of noting the recurring patterns beneath our stories on a daily basis, Dr. Slattery recommends questioning our narrative identities now and then, to see whether they still fit. Sometimes we need to release the power that an old myth has over our lives to make space for a new one. He recalls a conversation with Canadian mythopoetic author and Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman, who told him that Wisdom, for her, was the ability to discern what parts of her personal myth were no longer operative, and needed to be jettisoned or cut away, because they were freezing her in place and curtailing her freedom."

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** Dennis Slattery:
March 14 - Personal Myth 
** Robert Bosnak: 
April 13 - Alchemy course: the Imagination of Air and the Azure Vault

** Thomas Moore: 
Sept 2017 - One Year Certification: Care of the Soul in Daily Life

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Dennis Slattery interview on The Story of Your Life