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To all California Businesses,

As you may know by now, the Short Lived Climate Pollutants bill, California SB-1383 became enforceable on January 1, 2022. This means California jurisdictions are now required to audit businesses annually to identify violations and are expected to fine accordingly.

While previous environmental regulations had a "Good Faith Effort" clause, SB-1383 has impactful, mandatory fines attached to each violation.


There is some confusion around these fines. The LA Times claims the fines don't begin until 2024, but SB-1383 is complex and multi-layered. True, if you are a "Tier 2 food provider," you are not expected to meet requirements for donating food until 2024, but all other requirements and associated fines are in effect now.

In general, the fines range from $50.00 to $500.00 per violation at the discretion of the auditor. For example, if the auditor finds a dirty napkin in your trash, or an untrained employee, SB-1383 states the inspector is required to fine you at least $50 per violation.

Note: According to SB-1383, not allowing an auditor in your facility should cost you $2500 per day until they return.

To help you prepare, we have developed a 9 point "Walk-through Challenge." This document is free, will help you see your exposure to SB-1383, and help you prepare for your annual audit.

Go here to get your free copy:

The Business Environmental Coalition is a membership organization providing a voice for businesses with regard to overreaching environmental regulations. We work to help businesses mitigate fines imposed by these regulations and, whenever possible, speak out on behalf of businesses on these issues.

While the "Walk-through Challenge" is free to download, if you believe membership in the BEC can benefit your business and you'd like to support us as we challenge regulations like SB-1383, you can learn more, and join at

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