Good Morning Covenant Families!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Although there is no formal instruction today, we thought some families may still enjoy beginning the day with morning assembly. We hope you have a wonderful "day off" as our teachers make preparations to continue serving you. In today's message, Dr. Sonju considers the ways of the ants (Proverbs 6:6-11).

For the Beauty of the Earth
Let us sing For the Beauty of the Earth together with Mr. Maurer.
For the beauty of the earth, 
for the glory of the skies, 
for the love which from our birth 
over and around us lies. 

Christ, our Lord, to you we raise 
this, our hymn of grateful praise. 

For the wonder of each hour 
of the day and of the night, 
hill and vale and tree and flower, 
sun and moon and stars of light, [Refrain]

For the joy of human love, 
brother, sister, parent, child, 
friends on earth, and friends above, 
for all gentle thoughts and mild, [Refrain] 

For yourself, best gift divine, 
to the world so freely given, 
agent of God's grand design: 
peace on earth and joy in heaven. [Refrain]

Non Nobis
Our Grammar School students normally sing our school song,  Non Nobis  during morning assembly each day. We invite you to sing along with Mr. Maurer this morning!

Non nobis, Domine
non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory.
– Psalm 115:1
Support AFCA with Covenant Spirit Wear!

May 1st would have been a Covenant Jeans for a Dollar Day. We would like to continue this type of tradition by asking students, parents, grandparents, faculty, and staff to wear Covenant Spirit Wear or our school colors (Navy and Gold) at home on Friday, May 1st and make a donation to the American Foundation for Children with Aids at . There is a donation button at the top right corner of the website, and donations can be made at any time!

As some of you may know, AFCA is an organization that is very near and dear to the heart of Covenant Christian Academy. The organization helps provide critical care to children and caregivers that have been infected or affected by HIV and is run by Tanya Weaver (mother of Julia Weaver in 9th grade and Aiden Weaver in 5th Grade). Covenant students have traveled to Africa to help in the work of AFCA throughout the years. Below is a video message from Carley (9th Grade) and Sean (7th Grade) Hoover who served with AFCA! 

If your family would like to send a video to encourage the children in Africa that are served by AFCA, you can send your video to,  and she will make sure the children receive your encouragement. Let's get excited to show our Covenant spirit and support a wonderful ministry that is serving vulnerable children!
Prayer Requests

We know this is a trying time for many of our families. We have a prayer team in place who would love to hear from you! Please email with any prayer requests you may have.