Pastor Letter
By Rev. Rob Mark, Lead Pastor
We end this 2022 and enter 2023 with a choice. A choice to view this hard world upon this beloved planet with abundance or paucity. Think Tiny Tim vs. Scrooge. Or the Magi vs. Herod. I pray we live into abundance as best we can - knowing this will mean different things for each of us. To inspire this wish, I point us once again to Mary who has carried us (and the Christ child) through this season of nativity. May her revolutionary loving words be for us challenges to practice abundance more abundantly together this coming year:

My soul sings of you, O God.
My spirit delights in your Presence.
You have cherished my womanhood.
You have honored earth’s body.
All will know the sacredness of birth.
All will know the gift of life.
Your grace is to those who are open.
Your mercy to the humble in heart.
The dreams of the proud crumble.
The plans of the powerful fail.
You feed the hungry with goodness.
You deny the rich their greed.
The hopes of the poor are precious.
The birth pangs of creation are heard.
You have been faithful to the human family.
You are the seed of new beginnings.
My soul sings of you, O God.
My spirit delights in your presence.

In Thanks-Be-Giving and Happy New Year blessings,