General Conference Information Meeting
Sunday, January 27 at 3:00PM
In the Sanctuary

To give us a better understanding of what will be happening at General Conference in February, Covenant has invited Ed Fenstermacher, Lay delegate, and Dave Neckers, Clergy Delegate to share with us how General Conference works and the issues that are before us as a denomination. This meeting is open to all ages and all people.

The Unintentional Eyewitness Support of the Gospels

J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Lee Strobel as he describes an important attribute of the New Testament Gospel accounts. The Gospel authors repeatedly provided unintentional eyewitness support for one another, providing details the other left ...

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College Schedule: Anxiety 101, Depression 201, and Panic ...

David R. Smith is the author of several books including Christianity... It's Like This and speaks to parents and leaders across the U.S. David is a 15-year youth ministry veteran, now a senior pastor, who specializes in sharing the gospel, and...

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The MS students played sardines Sunday night, as usual. This is definitely the year of the sardines. These students also got to hear my testimony and the Gospel message. There were lots of good questions and they could take home a simple reading plan and book for new Christians. I hope you get to look it over with them and have some good faith discussions. If your child wasn't at youth group and you want the simplified reading plan and the book, just let me know. I will get it to you.

The HS students talked about why it's important to have a mission of sharing the Gospel. Ask why they are important in God's plan for all people.

HS Life Group
Tuesday's January 29
7:00-8:30 in the Cove

MS Youth Group
Sunday's January 27
5:00-6:30 in the Cove
MS Sunday Mornings
27 - 9:30am
Confirmation Class
January 27

POSTPONED Class Field Trip to Catholic Mass at St. Vincent's is postponed to February 9th. Please mark your calendars. Meet at Covenant at 4:30. Pick up at 7:00 at the church. We will go to Bob Evans after the service.
Middle School Camp
Camp Adventure

Sign up here using iCash code Covenant238 (case sensitive).

Early Bird Cost - $224.50 (before April 15).

Can attend any of the following dates but Covenant week is June 23-28

19-14, 16-21, 23-28 (Covenant Week)
7-12, 14-19
High School Camp
'That Thing' at Epworth Forest,
North Webster
June 23-28

You will be receiving an invitation via email to sign your high school student up for camp. Payment is not due at this time. Just register and fill out medical form. I will re-send the email every couple of weeks until you tell me not to or the student is signed up.
Let me know if you have any questions. If there are friends who want to sign up, I will need their parent's email.

Payment is to be made anytime before May 1 in the amount of $200 made to Covenant. If you pay through your banks bill pay be sure to indicate that it is for camp in the account number or memo space.

Check out youth pictures on Covenant's Facebook page for pictures in the album 'Youth Happenings'.




If there would be a fire in the church building, youth will gather at the grass on the northwest side of the property (by the basketball hoops)

Here are the links to our monthly Missions Newsletter and the weekly Covenant Enews.
  • Mission: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."
  • Vision: "Building healthy families in our community by exchanging a worldly view for a Godly view through life transforming relationships."
  • Discipleship Pathway: "Loving God, loving others, through worship, learning, serving and community."
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