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February Schedule
Parenting Class - Love and Logic
Mom, Can I have a Tik Tok?
Camp Information
February Schedule

HS Life Group  Tues, 7-8:30 (Cove opens at 5 for Homework time)
Feb 11, 18 - Group Meets
Feb 25 (No Class. Ash Wednesday is the 26th.)
Feb 26, Meet at 5:30 for a quick lesson on Ash Wednesday then attend 6:30 service together. Meet in Room 110. Parents welcome.

MS Sunday Morning Class  9:30-10:30
Feb 16, 23 - Class Meets

Confirmation Class  - Sun, 10:45-12
Feb 9, 16 - Class Meets
Feb 23 - Sunday morning field trip to another church. Drivers needed.

MS Life Group - Sun, 5-6:30
Feb 16 - Group Meets
Feb 23 TBD

Feb 26 (Wednesday), 5:30pm, We are meeting 1 hour before Ash Wednesday service to discuss then will attend the service together. Meet in Room 110. Parents welcome.

Student Leadership Meeting  6:00-7:00
Feb 11

Service Opportunities
March 14 - Food Bank Morning
Mom, Can I Have Tik Tok?

A Sobering Peek at the Hottest Social Media Platform Kids Want Jonathan McKee Lip sinc to your favorite song, show off your dance moves, or post a funny video of your cat. It's like Vine 2.0. The videos are just 15 seconds long, but like Britney, ...

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Camp Information

MS Camp Adventure Sign up Sign up before April 20 for early bird pricing. Use code Covenant947 (case sensitive) This code enables you to receive 50% off current pricing.

HS That Thing sign up is not ready yet however I will need intentions by mid march. The full price is $477.50. Covenant will pay half so cost per student is 238.00. First-time students should talk to Christine for special pricing.
Faith Development

(youth pictures)

If there would be a fire in the church building, youth will gather at the grass on the northwest side of the property (by the basketball hoops)
  • Mission: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."
  • Vision: "Building healthy families in our community by exchanging a worldly view for a Godly view through life transforming relationships."
  • Discipleship Pathway: "Loving God, loving others, through worship, learning, serving and community."
  • Core Values
  • Real Connection
  • Real Change
  • Real Life
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