Weekly Update
Covenant Lutheran Church
July 28, 2021

Notes about Worship

From Pastor Ele

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Join us via YouTube for worship this week - subscribers and all others by link to the channel from the weekend email. Look there for your order of worship and remember that the link goes live at 10:15 am. Sign in and check in. Make sure your communion elements are at hand for the Eucharist celebration.
Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life by Rowan Williams
adding depth to the discussion about a disciples’ identity” where he said (in Chapter 3 on “Faith, Hope and Love”) : Hope, then, is not simply confidence in the future; it is confidence that past, present and future are held in one relationship so that the confusions about memory—Who were we? Who was I? Who am I, and who are we?—become bearable because of the witness in heaven, a witness who does not abandon. This suggests that the Church needs to be marked by profound patience: patience with actual human beings in their confusions and uncertainties; patience in an environment when so much seems to be unclear and in danger of getting lost; patience in the sense that we realize it takes time for each one of us to grow up into Christ. And if it takes time for us, then it takes time for the Body, the community, to grow overall. Hope and patience belong together. Only a Church that is learning patience can proclaim hope effectively. “Growing up into Christ” Does it ever end? We’ll talk about that at 2:00 pm on Sunday. Join us if you are able. Digital texts are reasonably priced online with an audio version also available. Contact me if you are interested.
Blessing on Entry
The executive committee agreed to meet at the new property for a scheduled meeting to coordinate tasks related to the new purchase. Pastor Ele wanted to “introduce” the site to its new stage as a place of worship and service. We were joined by Bishop Mike Rinehart who had not seen the property before, and asked to join the group for the blessing on entry of the new space. He then blogged about the tour via the link here.
MESA Can Drive 2021
THANK YOU to all who donated soups this month! A brief update: we donated 49 cans (plus another 50 cans resulting from a $100 donation)! We'll have a further update for you soon on our progress toward our 2021 goal. Please keep those donations coming - there is such a great need for food assistance in our community! Every can counts! 
Coming Soon!
Watch for information on Leibe Almanza's confirmation service at St. James/Santiago Apostol in mid-August.
  PO Box 840485
Houston TX 77284
Sunday, August 1
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture Readings

Ephesians 6:10-20
John 6:24-35

Watch your email for the link to Sunday Online Worship at 10:15 am
General & Community News
Covenant Lay Pastoral Ministry Team
If you have a pastoral care concern this week, please contact Marian Shelton or Janett Broddle.  For emergency pastoral concerns, contact Pastor Ele at 281-690-2373.
Katy Christian Ministries Newsletter
Take a look at the July Newsletter from KCM, one of our ministry partners!
Thank You for your Offerings!
We want to express our gratitude to all those who are sending their offerings, either by mail to Covenant's PO Box (PO Box 840485, Houston, TX 77284) or by electronic means. Your gifts are helping us through this pandemic until we can meet again!
Covenant Leadership during Redevelopment
2020-21 Executive Committee
Ele Clay - Redevelopment Pastor
Irvin Smith - Interim Treasurer