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This Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019
Communion Sunday
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Tracy Keenan preaching

Dear Covenant friends and family,

"If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love..." Yes, I know, you've heard this one [ 1st Corinthians 13 ]. At many a wedding, not infrequently at a funeral, embroidered on pillows, cross-stitched on framed wall-hangings, we all know that "faith, hope, and love abide, but the greatest of these is love." You've heard/read it a bazillion times.

When we think we know what comes next, we tend to close our minds to the possibilities. The human brain actually does this physically. If we see a partial outline of something, we mentally fill in the gaps to create a whole picture. We hear enough to set our memories and imaginations going, and it's easy to miss the delicate turns of reality that are playing out. Perhaps it's easy to miss the big, bold ones, too.

The Apostle Paul, in that famous love passage, talks about how we see now only in part. We know enough to take the next step, but we don't generally get the whole playbook, the whole map, the whole plan for life and community. I suspect that if we did get the whole thing in one swoop, we'd quickly assume that we had grasped it and we'd stop paying close attention to it.

This Sunday we will explore the ways in which we all think we already know, and will look afresh for ways to watch for God to do what God is doing AS God is doing it.

Grace and peace,
Family Service Opportunity
This Sat., Feb. 2, 10am-12pm, Westerville Area Resource Ministry,
150 Heatherdown Dr.
Plan to join us to help serve this vital local mission. We’ll take a tour to learn about the services they provide and sort food for their food pantry. Please bring non-perishable food to donate.
Contact: Erin Wise.
Agora continues - Led by Jacqui Buschor
Sundays, Feb. 3, & 10, 9:34am, Lounge
It’s rare to turn on the news without hearing of some new traumatic event - from sexual abuse to school shootings to natural disasters. Research on trauma shows how our brains process these traumas and how that affects us long after the danger fades. This research influences our public lives - from medical care to education - in healing ways. As we follow Jesus into ministry among the broken and wounded, how might this new understanding of trauma help the Church better love and understand those we serve - and ourselves? 
  These sessions are perfect for Stephen Ministers, those who volunteer with CATCH Court, children and youth ministry, or HM3, for parents, teachers, and anyone who loves people who hurt. 
The After Party
Cathedrals 101:
The Kingdom and the Power and the Glory
This Sun., Feb. 3, 12:15pm, Lounge
David Connolly continues the history of cathedrals as seats of Christian worship, service, and life in the Middle Ages.
Raising Awareness Around Anxiety
Don't miss this important film.
Rescheduled Showings. New Dates:
Sun., Feb. 17, 12:15pm, Lounge & 6pm, Fellow. Hall, Food Provided
ANGST. Do you suffer from anxiety? Does your child? Partner? Learn how to cope and find hope. One could make the case that anxiety is the most prevalent 21st Century disease afflicting the United States – certainly it is doing its best to cripple our youth. As people of God and the body of Christ, we have important insights and practices within our theology and tradition that can help us manage the anxiety that affect us and our children. It is time to reclaim this knowledge and to begin to share it. It is time to come to the defense of our children. Join us for this important film and discussion...a film about anxiety, truth, coping and hope.  Candid interviews with real teens about anxietyClick here for more information. Contact  Katie Kinnison or  Erin Wise.
Click here to enter your act into Variety Show 2019. Acts should be limited to 3 minutes. Please consider having each person be in a maximum of 2 acts. Rehearsal will be that morning from 10am-12pm. The performances will begin right after our annual CPW Spaghetti Dinner, 6:30pm.
Tickets: $8 (10 & under only $4). Buy tickets Sun., March 17, 24, 31 between services
or call Betsy Sebastian 614-457-4383
This is going to be a night to remember! Spread the word!
This summer our youth will be attending
the Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue University
We are asking the congregation of Covenant Presbyterian Church to help sponsor our trip to Triennium and the meaningful experiences our youth will have there. We are hosting a sponsorship drive, Pave the Way , where 100% of monies contributed will go to youth missions. Contributions can be made via check or Zelle through your bank using with the memo Youth Mission. For more information, please visit our website . Contact Erin Wise .
Spotlight on Youth:
Jack Dougherty
Hi, my name is Jack Dougherty. I am 13 years old and attend 8th grade at McCord Middle School in Worthington. I was baptized at Covenant and have been going here my entire life. My parents are Bryan and Susie Dougherty, and my grandparents are John and Donna Harder. I am doing Confirmation classes this year and enjoy Verge youth group. I love playing baseball and golf, as well as mountain biking and skiing. I want to thank the congregation for supporting our trip to Triennium this summer and our future mission trips. 
Natalie Wise
Hello! My name is Natalie Wise and I am 14 years old. I am a freshman at Dublin Jerome High School. I am a Columbus DanceArts Academy Elite Company Dancer. I take 7 styles of dance: ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, lyrical and pointe. I am so thankful for my family here at Covenant for always supporting me and for helping me go on this amazing trip to Triennium.
Tristan Kueper
My name is Tristan Kueper and I am 17 years old. I am a junior at the Marburn Academy where I am on the robotics team and a part of DeMolay, an organization for young men that develops leadership skills and builds good moral character. I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, skiing, computer games, and paintball. I am excited to return to Triennium in 2019 because I really like the group gatherings with other youth from all over the country. I really liked on the last night when everyone lit their candles and I would like to thank the congregation for everything you have done to help make these trips possible. 
Year end statements of giving were recently either mailed or emailed to you . Please let the finance office know if you haven't received yours. .  Thank you for your dedication to Covenant. 
2019 Per Capita is $35.75 Per Member
Each member of Covenant is also a member of the larger church, the Presbyterian Church USA. As such, it is part of our responsibility to support the work of the administrative bodies of the national church – the General Assembly, the Synod, and the Presbytery. We do this by making a per capita payment each January which for 2019 is $35.75 per member. We invite you to pay your share of the per capita so that this money does not need to come from this year’s budget. Your contribution will free up funds for other vital church programs that meet the spiritual needs of our congregation. Envelopes are on the welcome table.
Get your quarterly statement emailed
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Becoming A Member of Covenant
​O​n the second Sunday of each month, people may become new members at any of our three services (8:30, 10:00, 11:00). Brochures with details are on the welcome table and our website. Contact: Katie Kinnison.
Our Mission
Covenant Presbyterian Church is an open, accepting community awakening to God's life-giving love together.
Our Vision
Covenant Presbyterian Church glorifies God and builds relationships with Christ and each other through: worship that inspires, nurture that embraces, education that challenges,
fellowship that energizes, ministry that responds.