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March 17, 2020
Best practices: Demonstrate Trustworthiness
The team at Trusting News shared tips today on how to demonstrate trustworthiness with your coronavirus coverage. Below we have republished one of their eight excellent tips with their permission. Read all the tips here

Explain how you decide which stories to cover

Your audience is noticing what you do and do not cover now more than ever. 

If we’re honest, a lot of our coverage decisions happen intuitively or are based on things we don’t verbalize in the newsroom, much less explain to the public. But if you don’t let the public in on your process, they’ll make all kinds of (likely negative) assumptions about your motivations and decision-making, like “the media is just reporting on this because they’re playing into mass hysteria.” 

To combat this, try making a list of the questions and complaints you’ve been hearing about your COVID-19 coverage. Then write a piece to share publicly describing your process and your goals. Share it over and over in comment threads, over email, in links within stories — anywhere it would be useful.

Molly Muchna , Trusting News & Digital Engagement Editor at Tucson Star
Self Care: No music venues? No problem.
Consider it a tinier tiny desk concert: Musicians who have had to cancel shows — or who are holed up themselves — are doing their part to #flattenthecurve by shifting performances to social media. Check out fan favorites like John Legend (who performed this afternoon on Instagram) as part of the new #TogetherAtHome series of online concerts. NPR has started a list of artists’ pop-up performances, and local publishers like are rounding up local and regional artists you may be interested in. Venues may be shuttered, but the music keeps playing. 
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