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August 17, 2022


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At the NEXUS

of the Upper Valley

Experience – or relive – the ebullient energy of NEXUS Music & Arts Festival 2022 with CATV's daily highlights reels. From Lebanon Opera House, held Aug. 12-14 in downtown Lebanon, NH.

NH Republican Governor Candidates Forum

Michael Ridinger of Hanover, NH hosted NH Republican Governor candidates Thad Riley and Karen Testerman in discussion on issues relevant to Granite State voters in the upcoming primary election.

Produced by Nathan Perron for CATV

Covering American Democracy is Not a Game

(At least it shouldn't be.)  AP National News reporter Bernard Nossiter, speaking at Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center, looks past the mid-terms to 2024. What if Trump runs in 2024? "I have a hard time believing that anybody can beat him in a Republican primary."

Ideas on Tap: Free Speech and Social Media

Who should regulate social media—government or social media companies? Has the First Amendment been weaponized on behalf of the 'haves' in American society? That's the discussion held by NH Humanities Ideas on Tap. Featured speakers include Nick Capodice, host of NHPR's Civics 101, and Justin Silverman of the New England First Amendment Coalition.

Anything Goes

at AVA Mudroom

The Mudroom, AVA Gallery’s live storytelling event, returned in person on June 16, 2022 with new stories by Jes Marbacher, Vicki Bridge, Kevin Gallagher, Henry Barberg, Alan Fields, Don Kollisch, and Sue Schmidt.

Produced by Jordyn Fitch for CATV

In the news...

Indigenous roots of Lacrosse

On April 27, 2022 the Friends of Hanover Lacrosse hosted Haudenosaunee Faith-Keeper Oren Lyons and his son Rex Lyons at the Richmond Middle School in a conversation with Dick Hendrick about the history, culture and cosmology of the Haudenosaunee, the relationship between indigenous peoples and colonizers, human rights, environmental protection and the future of the planet.

Produced by Cedar O'Dowd for CATV

Oren Lyons was recently featured in the New York Times:

“The game that you see out there, the long-stick game, is our game,” Oren Lyons, 92, who founded the Haudenosaunee team, said... “It’s taken our team around the world. And it’s given an opportunity for people to understand that the Indian nations are still here.”

Watch on CATV or read related New York Times article

Local Government & School Boards on CATV 

Pictured: Hartland, VT Selectboard (8/15/22). Find local government and school meetings for Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, VT; Hanover, NH and Lebanon, NH (SAU88 only).

Upper Valley Religious Services on CATV 

Pictured: United Methodist Church, White River Junction, VT.  Join your local house of worship or visit a new one Sundays.


@CATV Podcasts

NEW podcast! Going the Dismas  

Former Hartford Dismas House resident, Seth, and volunteer, Celia, join Dismas of Vermont's Jeff Backus for a conversation and mini glimpse into what to expect at a community dinner.

Dismas of Vermont provides therapeutic community to men and women leaving incarceration and reconciling with the community.

This pilot podcast episode was made possible by the guidance and technical support of CATV.


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CATV supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

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