Dear Congregants,

As there is a surge of COVID positive cases both on the national and local level, we would like to update our protocols.
If you have been attending shul and either tested positive for COVID or exposed to someone with COVID, please contact our representative from the COVID taskforce to inform him/her of your status. This information will be handled sensitively and responsibly. It is important for us to know in case we need to alert anyone in terms of contact tracing. 
If you have been quarantining because you have tested positive for COVID or exposed to someone with COVID, please DO NOT return to shul until you have spoken with our COVID taskforce rep to get clearance to return to shul. 
Our COVID taskforce representative is Rachel Shyken, and she can be contacted at 410 491 0613.
In case you can’t reach Rachel, please contact Rabbi Fisch.

 Please take a moment to read this carefully and familiarize yourself with the update.
If a person has symptoms and a positive test, they must quarantine for ten days from the onset of symptoms.
If a person has a positive test without symptoms, they must quarantine for ten days starting when the positive test result is received.
There is no need for a second test, but the person must be clear of all symptoms 24 hours after the ten day quarantine period since a person may be infectious for ten days.
If a person develops symptoms, the day AFTER the first symptom is considered day 1. For example, if symptoms developed on Sunday, the first day that is counted towards quarantine is Monday.  
If a person is exposed (within 6 feet of a person diagnosed with COVID positive for more than 15 minutes, with or without a mask), there is a 10 day isolation period. No test is needed after the ten day period. If a person is exposed and obtains a negative test on day 5 or 6, they only have to quarantine for a total of 7 days.
If the COVID positive person does not self isolate from their family, the family must quarantine for the 10 days with the COVID positive person and then an ADDITIONAL 10 days (or 7 additional days if the family obtains negative tests on day 5 or 6 of the additional 10 day period). 
Our policy of mandatory mask-wearing remains in place for the ENTIRE time you are in the building. 
Please do maintain proper social distancing at all times.

We have several bottles of hand sanitizers available, and we encourage you to avail yourself of this.

All children must be 9 and over to attend davening unless they will be attending youth groups.

We continue to pray for a rapid conclusion from this pandemic and wish you well during these challenging times.
Etz Chaim Synagogue