To Every Friend, Family Member, Co-Worker, Customer, Vendor, or Acquaintance I Have Ever Known
COVID-19: What's Next?

Dear Friends and Supporters:
Many of Milwaukee's poor, churches, and ministries are calling Just One More these days, asking what we are doing related to the coronavirus epidemic. Unlike many people in the outside world, we are certain about the first step forward: prayer. Will you join us in calling on God right now, before we fill you in on the details of what He’s doing through us in the Milwaukee community?
Let us pray.
  Lord, we call out to you in a time like we’ve never known before. It’s a time we rejoice in the fact that we know you, and that we’ve seen all you can do.
  We ask you to take care of those who suffer now. Put fresh strength in those who are helping, and grant wisdom to those who lead us. 
  Above all, we call for your healing power to rain down on our community and the world. We pray especially for food security in Milwaukee in this time of exceptional challenge. Bring your bounty in food and funds to your children who need it more than ever.
  We thank you for the freedom to trust in your care, and we rejoice in the certain day when you say yes to our prayers.
  We pray all this in the name of Jesus, who reached out and touched those in need, healing and feeding them. Amen
Action Update
By now, it’s no surprise that this is the craziest time we’ve seen since we began rescuing food and feeding Milwaukee’s inner city in 2010. For Just One More, it’s turning into an intriguing good/bad news story:
·        The Bad News  - food sources are disappearing. Much of our rescued food comes from restaurants, catering companies and other commercial sources. Their epidemic-mandated closing means there’s no prepared leftover food to pick up and share.
·        The Good News  - at least for the time being, we are being well-supplied by various places that are closing down, and have generously donated their excess food. UWM, Fiserve, and the "no-name" restaurant at Miller Park are examples of this. And we also continue to get food from a handful of manufacturers like Johnsonville.
Chris Capper rejoices on Friday, after picking up the second of 2 loads from Fiserv Forum, a regular food donor. Since they are shutting down, JOMM was blessed with bakery, meat, deli, and produce items.

We’re sure that Step One is prayer. We believe that Step 2 is to work in concert with food distribution companies to get food directly to the streets. This means we will need more resources to transport more food and into the hands of the newly unemployed. Above all, we need to work fast.
We also need more people to help, but we must be careful. Social distancing means we can’t put our arms around needy individuals and pray with them as we usually do. It’s also tougher to determine how we can get community helpers like you to pitch in without endangering health and safety.
Clear answers are yet to come, but we are certain of one thing. Financial contributions right now are an instant, safe way to respond to the need. If your prayer inspires you to help, giving is as easy as a quick visit to our donate page and entering your credit card information, or see our address below if you prefer to mail a check.
God bless you for your prayer support and for your financial help. As answers emerge we’ll be reaching out with updates, until the blessed day when the current epidemic is history.
God's peace, grace, and love, today and all tomorrows,
     - D. J. Rodrian, Chris Capper &
the Just One More Ministry Team
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