Disinfectants and Floor Sealers in a Covid-19 World
Covid-19 is demanding more disinfection, including flooring disinfection.

Flooring Sealers need to be more resistant to disinfectants than ever before.

NeverStrip recently tested its Micron Sealers and two leading, national brands of floor finish/wax against 12 common commercial disinfectants.

NeverStrip Micron Sealers are more resistant to more disinfectants than two major, national brands of floor finish.
Disinfectants Tested

Clorox Bleach
Evergreen Hand Sanitizer
Diversey Expose II 256
Ecolab Oxycide -
Ecolab Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Lysol Spray
Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer
Spartan Diffense
Spartan Lite 'N Foamy Hand Sanitizer
Spartan - TB - Cide Quat
Vital Oxide

Floor Sealers Tested

NeverStrip Tile Seal; Vinyl Seal, Rubber Seal and Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal

Leading National Brand, 25% Solids Floor Finish

Leading National Brand, 20% Solids Floor Finish
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David Beedie 
NeverStrip Floor Coatings