A Publication of the JL POA Chronicle

Dear JL Owners,

The recent events with the Covid -19 virus have made the POA Board take a hard look at the way we operate within the JL Community. We do not believe this is a time to panic, but we do feel this is a time for each of us to be prepared. This virus, which we are just beginning to learn about, will be with us for some time.

To give everyone within the community some information on Covid-19 we have included information below, as well as a valuable website you may want to spend some time researching.  We ask all our owners to think of their family‚Äôs health and the health of our employees as you go about your daily lives. Practicing healthy measures and understanding how this virus spreads will allow each of us to do our part for the overall health of our county. 
Corona virus, or COVID-19, is a new virus for which there is no vaccine or cure and has a higher mortality rate than the usual seasonal flu. Data is continually changing based upon the spread of the virus; however, the World Health Organization estimates that COVID-19 has a much higher mortality rate at over three percent of the population, based on data collected. Eighty percent of the time the virus has mild symptoms, with twenty percent of the cases considered more severe.
Persons over sixty years of age are at a higher risk, with numbers increasing exponentially for those over eighty years of age. Persons with underlying medical issues are also at an increased risk. Younger persons are high carriers of the virus, although they often have no symptoms, and therefore do not believe they have the virus.
JL Members:
  • JL population and health are in the higher risk categories due to age and underlying health conditions.
  • Many JL members routinely travel abroad and engage in social activities with people who potentially can spread the virus. Limiting exposure to carriers of the virus is critical.
Our Security and Office Staff can also be at risk:
  • Several officers and office staff are in the higher risk categories due to age and health issues.
  • Officers and staff have high contact with members of the public.
  • Security officers respond to a significant number of medical calls.
Preventive Measures:
  • Security gates and the POA office have been issued hand sanitizer and disinfectants.
  • Security officers have been issued gloves for personal protection at our gate operations to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Communications providing links to CDC and Palm Beach County are on the JLPOA website.
  • Additional cleaning and sanitization of POA common areas is an ongoing process.
Considerations and Recommendations by the POA Board regarding this virus:
  • Review your appointment with ADT. If you have scheduled your alarm installation, they will accommodate you.
  • Normal home maintenance and non-emergency work on the interior of the home should be postponed.  (Pool people, and house sitters will be allowed on site if on your permanent list.)
  • Encourage residents to authorize vendors and contractors only for essential or emergency work, i.e. roof leaks, AC, and plumbing emergencies.
  • Food, medical deliveries, medical staff, and medical deliveries are still acceptable.
  • Guests and family members should not be using any POA facilities, which include the dog park, South Rec area, kayaks, Butterfly Island, and the bocce ball courts.
  • Limit all committee meetings to CDC recommendations.
  • Any gatherings at the Marina which exceed the 10-person CDC recommended limit are now being cancelled.
  • Use virtual telecommunication for our annual meeting scheduled on March 24, 2020 at 10:00am.  (Separate instructions for this process will sent out by email.) The meeting will be limited to only the essential agenda items.)
  • Common Carriers (UPS, Fed-X and Postal Deliveries) as well as Utilities may still enter the property.
We are now in unprecedented times and need your cooperation and patience in observing these daily practices. We appreciate your commitment to our JL family neighborhood and the guidelines we ask you to observe.