Best Practices as of 5/8/2021
Effective May 8, 2021, the document from the State of New Hampshire Governor’s Economic Reopening Taskforce titled ‘Universal Best Practices’ replaces all existing “Safer at Home 2.0” business operations guidance in regards to Covid-19.

This document provides general business recommendations and even though masks and other protections against Covid-19 are no longer mandated by the State, businesses are encouraged to create their own “Best Practices.”

The same steps and actions to control the COVID-19 virus that have been used throughout this pandemic continue to be important.
As of 5/8/2021 Castleberry Fairs Outdoor Event Best Practices
for All Exhibitors and Staff:
·      If you are sick or have any symptoms of Covid-19 STAY HOME. (or Go Home)
·      Face Coverings required during show hours & when 6 foot social distancing is not possible.
·      Sidewalls between booths must remain intact and in place.
·      Keep hand sanitizer available, in your booth and use it frequently.
·      Clean / wipe down all commonly touched surfaces every 2 hours.

Please Note: In addition to the above, each Artisan may create their own 'Best Practices' within their own booth. Use signage if you require masks or limit the number
of patrons allowed at one time, etc.

Castleberry Fairs reserves the right to change or modify our Best Practices at any time.

We also request and encourage the public to wear face coverings.