Hello BPI Families,
We care deeply about the health and safety of our learners and staff. We also understand the importance of consistency for the learners and families that we serve.

We put our heads together to come up with a set of procedures that we believe will allow us to continue to deliver sessions during the coming weeks while our nation rides out this virus.

At this point we anticipate clinics being open and home sessions continuing. 

We are taking this day by day and will be in close communication with each of you if anything changes.

We know the stores have been crazy. We also know that not everyone can afford a month's worth of groceries, more less get out of the house easily if they are caring for others. We would like to support all of you during these times. If you need anything, wipes, paper products, picky eater snacks, anything, please reach out to me at dbergh@bpiaba.com or call our front desk staff at (888)308-3728.

Everyone at BPI
COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions

For Clinic Clients:

We are minimizing all traffic into our clinics. Here is the plan for temporary drop off and pick up procedures:

Drop Off
  • Park as close as possible to the entrance of the clinic.  
  • Please remain in your car as staff will come to you. 
  • Staff will:
  • Ask a series of questions regarding the health of the learner and anyone else in your home.
  • Take the learner's temperature

  • If the learner or anyone in the learner's home has displayed any of these symptoms in the past 24 hours, session is cancelled and learner is not eligible to enter the clinic:
  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

  • If the learner and family appear healthy, staff will:
  • Bring learner into the clinic
  • Wash their own hands
  • Wash the learner’s hands
  • Repeat hand washing frequently throughout the day
  • Disinfect high traffic and used services throughout the day

During Session:

  • If a learner begins to exhibit symptoms during therapy:
  • Learner will be segregated from rest of learner's and staff.
  • Parent/caregiver will be called for immediate pick up.
  • If parent refused to pick up, we will call appropriate alternative transport to ensure safety of all other learner's and staff.
Pick up:

  • At the end of day, staff will ensure that the learner’s hands are washed.

  • Parents/caregivers should attempt to park as close as possible to clinic entrance. Staff will be looking for their car and walk the learner out to the vehicle. The staff member should assist the learner into the car, give parent/caregiver brief summary of the learner’s day.  

How parents/ guardians can help:

  • Please keep us informed of status of anyone in home, if anyone exhibits fever, or cough or shortness of breath.
  • If so, please cancel session or come pick up your child.
  • Anyone who leaves ill must be fever-free (without use of fever-reducing medicine) and symptom for 24 hours. 


  • Upon arrival, staff will:
  • Ask questions regarding health of the learner and anyone else at home. If the learner or anyone in the learners home has displayed any of these symptoms in the past 24 hours, session is cancelled:
  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

  • If session continues, the staff member will:
  • Immediately wash their hands
  • Wash the learner's hands
  • Wipe down all learning surfaces upon entering the home
  • All staff will be equipped with cleaning supplies and gloves
  • If the family has a cleaning supply preference, please have those materials readily available for staff to use. 

  • Hand washing and frequent wiping down of high traffic/use surfaces will occur throughout the session.

  • If during course of session, learner begins to exhibit symptoms or fever, staff will:
  • End the session
  • Inform the caregiver
  • Wipe down the area
  • Wash their hands and leave. 


Can we get additional sessions during this time?
  • Please email schedules@bpiaba.com 
  • We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee.
  • Will be in touch asap

Can we move our sessions into the clinic?
  • We cannot move any home clients to the clinic out of an abundance of caution.  

Can we move our sessions into the home?