✓ If your business is staying open, publish commitment to public health and outline actions for ensuring a clean facility and healthy staff; have hand sanitizer available for customers and latex gloves available for employees.

✓ Offer digital gift cards that customers and patrons can buy now and use later

✓ Start, maintain, and enhance business webpages, online shopping opportunities, and social media presence

✓ Keep customers updated on new experiences or products you'll offer when conditions improve

✓ Develop customer membership programs, such as “subscribe and save” on delivery or pickup of coffee beans, fresh produce, etc.

✓ Develop online shopping list services. For example, many grocery stores offer grocery pickup or delivery to customers who submit shopping lists online.

✓ Offer digital services and support to virtually sell, answer questions, and provide customer service

✓ Keep it lively! Example: Offer trivia nights via livestream and provide virtual tours of your shop - A lot of people are spending extra time on their phones and on social media, use this chance to create a positive marketing experience and opportunity.

If you have the capacity to do so now is a great time to have employees take on new roles such as delivery drivers or tackle refresh projects at your businesses. If you can, get creative and take steps to keep your business open, your employees in a job, and most of all keep your team and customers safe.