Dear Friends, 
The Baron Hirsch Mikvah continues to operate in close consultation with local and national medical experts, Rabbis, and Poskim. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we will continue to operate in an abundance of caution for the safety for all users.
Please keep in mind that the novel Covid-19 virus is transmitted through sustained exposure to airborne respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Less commonly, it may spread through touching a surface with the virus on it, then touching one's own mouth, nose or eyes. There is no evidence that the virus is transmitted through water. 
In order to minimize time spent in our small, but communal space, and to maintain social distance between tovelet and required attendant, please note the following procedures for the Mikvah operations:

  • Tovelet should prepare at home to minimize touching surfaces in the preparation room, including shower at home, as would be done on Friday night.
  • The Mikvah water is chlorinated. Shower at home after immersion, especially if skin is sensitive.
  • All surfaces in the preparation room and handrails in the Mikvah are disinfected between users. 
  • Balaniyot will wash hands prior to interacting with Tovelet. 
  • Balaniyot will not check the Tovelet and will not touch the Tovelet following immersion as is sometimes the custom. Balaniyot will stand 6 feet away from the Tovelet to maintain appropriate Social Distance.
  • Tovelet may pay for mikvah use online by clicking here if she does not wish to spend additional time in the facility. Note that transactions will continue to be in the private Mikvah account, only seen by the Chairwoman of the Mikvah committee. 
  • Do NOT come to the Mikvah with any symptoms of illness, including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, upper respiratory illness in the past week, or with known diagnosis of Covid-19 or Influenza. 
  • Do NOT come to the Mikvah if a 14 day self-quarantine is recommended due to close contact with a known Covid-19 infection.
  • Do NOT come to the Mikvah after Covid-19 recuperation until cleared by physician. 
  • Balaniyot will report illness or close Covid-19 contact necessitating self-quarantine to the Mikvah Committee immediately, and a substitute attendant will be arranged. 
  • As is currently the practice, all Tevila in the Mikvah is by appointment only.
For questions or concerns please be in direct contact with Rabbi Lehrfield , Yoetzet Atara Segal , or the Mikvah committee .
We pray that these precautions not only protect against the spread of the virus or any illness but that all those who are sick will see a speedy recovery.


Lindi VanderWalde, MD
Mikvah Co-Chair

Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
Senior Rabbi