Ministry & Public Health Update - June-July 2020
Grace and peace to you in the name of the blessed, Holy Trinity.
Last evening the Congregation Council met to review and reassess our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and to make plans for the coming weeks. We give thanks for the diligent and wise leadership the Council is providing in this challenging time.

We were able to establish some measures and metrics we will use to make decisions in the days ahead using guidance from the CDC, Iowa Public Health and other resources We'll be monitoring new cases, hospitalizations, deaths, testing, looking for a sustained decrease in the threat.

We also agreed that we need to balance quantitative measures with the quality of ministry we can provide. Just because we can gather for worship does not guarantee that the kind of gathering we can offer will be a good experience. Right now, we can only gather 70 people who are not part of higher risk populations. We cannot sing or speak together. No fellowship can take place. Offering Holy Communion still presents risks that would call for serving in diminished ways.


Please know that the homebound, sick, and grieving members of our congregation are continuing to receive care in the best ways we can offer. We are actively reaching out to all our active members to provide care through phone calls, email, cards if we have the contact information available.

Please let us know what prayers we can pray; what help we can provide. Simply check the staff website to contact us! In an emergency, you can reach the pastor on-call at 515-336-0811.

We also want to encourage you to encourage and support one another. God has made us all members of the body of Christ and, through baptism, made us all ministers of grace and hope.
On-site worship is cancelled thru July 19, 2020 . We will continue to provide video opportunities to worship each week. Watch your email and Facebook for information. Our YouTube channel and Facebook page will be the places to find what is posted. Our website has both the link to the videos and some helps for worship at home.
VBS will be offered in a way that allows participants to learn at home and maintain distance. We'll be celebrating "Superheros of the Bible" and their super-powers (like Solomon and his Wisdom).

Mission Trips for both middle school and high school have been cancelled. The youth still meet virtually each week and plans for confirmation/affirmation, while being adjusted, continue.

We are beginning to prepare video based classes and curriculum for Church School, Confirmation/Affirmation, Adult Classes for the fall so that we are ready for whatever situation we face by September.

We're formulating plans to use Zoom, social media, and very small gatherings (when that becomes more safe that it is now) to keep our small group ministry vital and strong through this time of pandemic.
Continue to look for David Fandrich's weekly From the Loft videos to give you hope. Check out Pastor Tim's weekly Beggar's Take videos for a little grace during the week. GraceNotes offers a weekly word of hope an grace. These and other resources to come hope to keep us connected to God and one another in this time.
The office will continue to be closed through July 19. You can still reach staff by email. Go to the staff page of the website for email and phone extensions. You can call the church and it will be answered by the automated voicemail. Follow prompts to leave a voice mail for the person with whom you wish to speak. We can all access voicemail from our home and mobile phones.

We are already implementing procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of the building when we can re-gather. We are ordering face masks, sanitizer and other needed supplies. A comprehensive plan has been reviewed by Council and given to staff to cover all SMA areas.

We continue to depend on the generosity of our members to fund the ministry. You can give by mail or on-line at any time . We give thanks to all who have continued to give and support our mission!

Our Annual Meeting to adopt a budget and elect leaders has been rescheduled to Sunday, July 19 . We will be doing this meeting virtually. Look for your annual report and instructions for participation int he coming weeks.

We continue t o collect food for the Food Pantry (which is open from Noon - 4 PM each Tuesday. We will open the doors and make baskets available each Monday from 9-11 AM for food donations. You can also stock the Helping Hands boxes - at the east and west ends of the south parking lot. You can make a contribution to the food pantry to purchase what we need delivered.

Please check the weekly Epistle newsletter to find out how to help through the latest service opportunities.
Grace and peace to you in the name of the blessed Holy Trinity!
In Christ,
The Congregation Council
Timothy Olson, Lead Pastor for Mission & Vision
Pamela Schroeder, Pastor for Care & Community
Garth Englund, Pastoral Intern
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