The Union Church in Waban
Important Updates from the
Phase Forward Team

We are so grateful to our Phase Forward Team for helping us navigate these challenging days. The Team met on February 1st and Council agreed with new recommendations on February 2nd.

Based on a sustained decline in Covid in our community and being sensitive to the significant mental health needs of children, youth, and adults, we will open up the church for in person small group meetings immediately with Zoom connection available for those who cannot attend.

As for worship gatherings, we will have leaders only in the Sanctuary this Sunday, February 6th. Hybrid worship services will begin on Sunday, February 13th. Participants at all meetings and worship at church will wear masks and only come in person if feeling well. Full choir will not resume until March, but a choir member will continue to sing the hymns and responses. Because of the high risk of contagion from singing, congregational singing will not occur, but humming is fine. All are welcome!

Hybrid worship will continue with both Pastors in the sanctuary and mindful of people on Zoom. The Phase Forward Team will continue to monitor the Covid risks so we are prepared to adapt as necessary.

God bless us all as we continue to pivot as needed and remain connected.

Phase Forward Team: Frank Laski, Alison McCarty, Judy Nagle, Sandy Nelson, Susan Hunt Stevens, Jenny Weisz, Pastors Amy and Wendy