Covid-19 Practice and Policy Changes
As the COVID-19 situation in Michigan is quickly changing, we have decided to make some changes to our practices and policies.

  • At this time we are suspending all face-to-face meetings. If you have an appointment scheduled, we will be in contact to discuss your options.
  • At this time we are limiting the visitors that come through our doors. If you need to drop something off to us:
  • We will have a drop box on our porch during our regular business hours. We would like you to call us when you arrive & leave items in our box so they can be retrieved immediately for security reasons.
  • You can also use US mail or UPS to mail things to us.
  • If using US Mail, please Mail to PO Box 555, Hartland MI 48353
  • If using a delivery service like UPS or FedEx, please mail to 3560 Avon St, Hartland, MI 48353
  • You can upload documents to your client portal. For more information regarding this option, contact Michelle at

  • When you receive notification that your return is complete and ready for pick-up, you have 3 options:
  • We can ship the return to you via UPS ($15 fee)
  • We can place your return in our drop box once you arrive at our location and call from the parking lot
  • We can upload your return to your client portal. For more information regarding this option, contact Michelle at

As more information is released regarding the COVID-19 relief bill, we will be posting updates as often as we can on our website and Facebook page.

Please know that we are doing everything possible to continue to provide you with the excellent service that you have come to expect from us. Getting your payroll processed, your tax returns out the door and your monthly financial statements sent out, is still our priority. Having said that, please be patient with us as we work to meet your needs during this very stressful time for all of us.

Stay safe and healthy,

Carrie L. Jellison, CPA