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4-18-20 Update from LA County
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Beware of False & Misleading Claims
Message from City Attorney Mike Feuer
We have formed the Joint Coronavirus Task Force with District Attorney Jackie Lacey, the County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and County Counsel to target allegations of price gouging and false or misleading claims.

We have been scouring the internet, identifying potentially false or misleading claims and taking action on a number of consumer issues tied to COVID-19, such as:  

The Food and Drug Administration has not approved any COVID-19 home testing kits with which we can test ourselves. Yet, we've seen companies offering such tests for home use. We rapidly secured a settlement imposing an injunction against Yikon Genomics, preventing it from advertising or selling such kits unless the FDA later approves them, and requiring restitution for consumers who bought the kits. We have also issued a cease and desist letter to Matrix Wellness Group over the at-home test it is selling.

We anticipate taking further action on the sale of home test kits very soon.

An article you might like from NPR:

Video from Fox11 LA:

Televangelist Jim Bakker and his show advertised and sold a product called Silver Solution, which purportedly could treat coronaviruses like the one causing COVID-19. We contacted Bakker and the show, which quickly removed all references to the product from any platform associated with the show. The federal government and the Missouri Attorney General have also pursued Bakker and the show.

In addition, we contacted the company behind the Safe Baby Healthy Child website, which sells vitamins and supplements, because it made claims that Vitamin C could be effective against COVID-19.  (The FDA has never validated this claim, and the National Institutes of Health have cautioned that large doses of some vitamins could be dangerous.)  The company behind the site immediately removed all the problematic claims.

We contacted Norwegian Cruise Lines following reports that its staff had promoted Caribbean cruise locations as inherently safe from COVID-19. The company quickly replied that it had put a stop to such claims, and was launching an internal investigation into how they were made in the first place.

On March 4, Los Angeles declared a public health emergency, triggering the California price gouging statute. Price gouging is the sale of a consumer good or service for a price that is more than 10% higher than it was prior to the emergency being declared. Governor Newsom just added a prohibition against new sellers (which didn't offer the product before the emergency) that are offering a product for sale at a price more than 50% higher than it costs to make or obtain.

We've been investigating potential price gouging online and in brick and mortar stores and following up on the hundreds of complaints we’ve received from Angelenos. To assist us, Amazon is providing the names of its third-party sellers we allege are gouging customers and the prices at which those sellers offered the items for sale before the emergency was declared.
Examples of criminal cases we've filed alleging price gouging include:

  • A seller of protective masks whose price for a package of ten allegedly went from $39.99 before the emergency to as much as $269.99 afterwards; and
  • A seller of hand sanitizer who allegedly sold two-liters for $129 before the emergency and $249 the day after it was declared.

We have numerous additional price gouging investigations underway and anticipate numerous filings very soon.

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Our office is enforcing the Mayor's Safer at Home Order regarding non-essential businesses which jeopardize public health by staying open. In most instances, we are happy to report, businesses comply when we reach out. When they don't comply, we refer them to LAPD.
We have filed four prosecutions so far, with more on the way next week.

An article you might like from Newsweek:
Gun rights activists and others have sued the city in two separate cases to exclude gun stores from being deemed non-essential under the Safer At Home Order. Our office defeated an attempt in the federal case to impose an emergency order that would have opened gun stores. We'll be defending another such effort in state court Monday morning.
At this deeply challenging moment, I write with an update containing important resources you might need right now, and information about my office's efforts to protect you.

Please contact my office if you would like us to follow up on these issues. You can reach us   online   or by calling 213-978-8070. We're also sharing significant information on our  Facebook  page.

Stay safe,

Mike Feuer
Los Angeles City Attorney
Updates from the Mayor
  • Research Partnership on Blood Testing for Immunity: The Mayor announced a new partnership between the City and USC, County Dept of Public Health, Lieberman Research Worldwide, and collaborators at UCLA and Stanford that will address serology tests. These tests will help us understand how far the virus has spread, how fatal it is, how much of our population might be immune, and who is able to donate plasma to fuel treatments. 
  • DACA News: The Mayor, along with 52 other Mayors across the country, sent a letter to Depart. of Homeland Security, urging them to keep protections in place and automatically renew any DACA employment authorization documents that expire this year, to not further add to the financial burden. (see letter attached)
  • Federal Taxes Deadline: Yesterday was "Tax Day" but you have until July 15th to file your taxes. Have questions about the stimulus check or wondering if you qualify? The City is here to help and has set up a Free Tax Prep website to guide you through this process. 
  • Price Gouging; Report any price gouging violations to our City Attorney's Office by filling out this form.
  • Glove Disposal: Please ensure that your used disposable gloves make it into the trash. We're unfortunately finding them littered in streets, gutters, sidewalks, parking lots, yards, and storm drains across the City. Eventually, they'll make their way into our waterways, potentially harming wildlife.
  • Complete Your Census Here -- Safe, easy, and secure!
  • Harbor & Watts Bulletin: A compiled list of some resources it relates to coronavirus. For any additional information, please visit, a one-stop shop for everything coronavirus in the city of LA.
  • Emergency Senior Meals Response: We will deliver twice as many meals a week to each senior we serve and to more than double the number of seniors that we are helping during this crisis. The only requirements to participate in this program is to be (1) a person of 60 years or older and (2) live in the City of Los Angeles. For seniors interested in participating, please call 213-263-5226, between 9-5 pm. Operators are available to answer calls in English and Spanish, other languages will receive a call back. Seniors and their caregivers can also sign up for the program online by visiting

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