May Sales and News
Today’s coil machines are much more sturdy and have less vibration than their predecessors, and they are sure to be your go-to professional tattoo machines.
Enjoy your holiday.
Be safe and strong!
Puraphix is a FULL SPECTRUM CBD infused, all natural, vegan recommended, tattoo ointment to moistorize the skin while tattoo with 500mg of CBD per jar. Proudly made in the USA.
From Ink to machines, power supplies, A Pound Of Flesh and more! We have the supplies you need to keep your skills honed during this time.
We are running this one time sale to help all artists during this time of need. Hope this helps.
Lightweight 12-LED Headlamp is perfect for convenient, hands-free lighting during long tattoo or piercing sessions.
Hi everyone,
We just want to let everybody know as we continue to stay open through this pandemic at Tommy’s Supplies we are taking excessive precautionary steps to maintain a clean and sterile environment for our staff, customers, and where we produce our StarBrite Colors brand.

How we are maintaining our facility:
- Disinfecting our floors with a strong disinfectant solution each day.
- Wiping down all countertops, tables, furniture, bathrooms, etc... with disinfectant solutions regularly
- Our clean room has high powered HEPA filters with a strong UV light that kills 99% of bacteria.
- As always we are fully suited in the clean room with masks & hair nets
- Wiping down all door handles to the entrances every day before doors open.
- Using hand sanitizer regularly
- We have a Plexiglas separating our customers from the staff to prevent cross contamination
- Only 2 people at a time are allowed in our walk in area
- and much more to keep safe &sterile

We want you to feel comfortable and safe when purchasing our products through us knowing that we are taking many extra steps necessary to keep it clean and sterile in our facility.

That being said we know that some places are now starting to open up so we would like to share with our artists a little breakdown on how you should maintain your shop areas before and after tattooing because we care about you and your clients.

·          Tattooing shall take place in a clean area reserved exclusively for tattooing.
·          Your clients should be instructed on safe practices before the tattooing procedure to prevent cross contamination to others
·          Disposable gloves are to be worn at all times during the tattoo, and changed at regularly intervals
·          Wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after tattooing.
·          Disinfect your areas before and after each tattoo Procedure with name brand disinfectant solutions to prevent& kill any bacteria if any.
·          All surfaces and furnitureneed to be protected with an appropriate barrier and sanitized 
·          Use disposable, cartridges, needles, tubes and any other equipment to help prevent as much contamination as possible. If using stainless steel equipment make sure you sterilize/autoclave each piece after each customer. Seal them in sterilizing pouches ready to go for the next client.
·          Put all used needles and any type of body fluid pieces in sharps container and have them collected by a medical waste removal service in your area.
·          Your local health department consent forms need to be signed by all clients with proper identification

  • All areas that come in contact with workers and clients must be disinfected and sanitized
  • Walk-in area, lobby, furniture, door handles, rails, floors, etc... needs to be disinfected &sanitized several times a day
  • Restrooms should be disinfected after every use 
  • Have a designated area for your clients belongings. No food or drink allowed near the tattooing areas.
  • Keep social distancing at 6' apart between customers
  • Employees, tattoo technicians and Customers must be deemed in good health upon entering the business. Send them home if they are sick or running a fever.
  • Make sure to ask your clients if they have a fever and or have been sick in the last 24 hours
  • Only allow customers by appointments and if under 18 years old have their legal guardian with them. Legal guardians should wait in the waiting area until the client is done being tattooed
  • All tattoo and piercing consultations should be done through email or phone calls when possible.

We truly hope all this is very helpful to all tattoo artists and piercings. Please feel free to throw and advice or suggesting out there to add on. Stay safe and good luck to everyone.