Webinars coming up:
Sales And Marketing Business Clinic -
Wednesday 17th February from 10:00am to 11:30am - https://bit.ly/360sq5E

Can you join us on Wednesday for our Sales and Marketing Business Clinic? We have an excellent event lined up for you. 

First, you'll get to hear from Polly Barnfield. A Social Media expert who is the founder of Maybetech.com. She'll give you her insights into what's currently hot in social media marketing and what you can do to improve your own marketing results. 

After the presentation there is an opportunity to network with other business owners just like you, where you can hear about the marketing strategies of other business owners and how they are getting leads for their business. This is a must attend event!

Pandemic Insurance & How Do You Go About Making A Claim -
Wednesday 24th February from 9:00am to 10:00am - https://bit.ly/3cnMAdR

Join CPG for this informal networking event to help you get set up to create the success that you want in your business in 2021! Surround yourself with local successful entrepreneurs to boost conversation, improve your thinking and explore opportunities to collaborate.

The experts this month will be David Anthony and John Abbott.
Local Chambers Networking

Thursday, 4th March 10:00am - 11:30am

Members- £10 per person
Non-Members – £15 per person

A great way to hear what Chambers are doing across a wider local area to support businesses and most importantly a way to grow your network and do more business.
These events are always popular so book early to guarantee your place.

Very limited tickets so book now before they are all GONE!
Laptop donations
The Council and local organisations, like Hounslow Promise and Richmond Rugby club, are continuing to help to supply extra laptops for digitally excluded pupils in our borough. 

Can you donate a laptop and help a pupil make a success of learning from home? 

COVID-19 and London's Economy - impacts and economic outlook (from the GLA)

This paper summarises the latest evidence and analysis on the impacts of COVID-19 on London’s economy so far and on the economic outlook so that key actors and stakeholders engaged in responding to the pandemic can have a readily available evidence base to inform policy responses.

The analysis shows that London is suffering severe economic impacts from COVID-19 and in many respects (business closures, labour market, expenditure, footfall) is doing worse than other places in the UK.

The drivers and sectoral impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are also rather unique and do not resemble any other recent recession, with a number of features of London (its density, economic geography, role as a magnet for tourism and visitors, exposure to the global economic climate and the importance of retail, cultural and recreational industries) creating unique vulnerabilities. Therefore, it cannot be taken for granted that just because London’s economy has bounced back quickly from previous recessions it will necessarily do so this time around in the absence of well targeted recovery policies and support.

We hope that you will find our work of interest. If you have any questions related to the research please email GLA Economics.
To read the latest bulletin use the following link
In this edition of Scam Share we'll look at some of the most recent scams which have been reported by consumers across Scotland. These scams are not just confined to Scotland!
New research from Barclays has revealed that 2020 was the highest year on record for scams, as fraudsters took advantage of the public's uncertainty about the Covid-19 pandemic. There was a 66% increase in the value of fraudulent activity from July to December, compared to the first half of the year. The survey also found that 54% of those who had been scammed felt too embarrassed to report the crime.
UK Finance is urging people to be vigilant and to look out for friends and family to help keep them safe from romance scams this Valentine’s Day, as new data
has revealed a 20% increase in bank transfer romance fraud between January-November 2020 compared to the previous year. The total value of these scams has risen by 12% to £18.5 million. Read more.
It's more important than ever to make sure that you stay Scam Aware and share information about scams with vulnerable relatives or friends.
Co-Innovate is currently recruiting for an Entrepreneur Director position for the Co-Innovate project at Brunel.
West London Local Chambers & Hounslow Chamber of Commerce are the primary support, networking, and representation organisation in west London for SMEs.

We support the interests, the commercial aspirations and the investment from businesses in Ealing, Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham - the Chamber is the voice for all businesses located in the borough