Covid-19 Update April 23, 2020
Pick Up & Delivery is Essential
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, offering a pick up and delivery service to your customers, even if only temporarily, seems today to be essential. No one is thriving at the moment, but from the dozens of conversations we're having daily with Affiliates all over the globe, the locations operating with a semi-steady flow of garments, are doing so large-in-part thanks to their route business. The fact of the matter is, if you aren't offering a contactless form of service to your customer, someone else is. It's what is expected during these times and will be for who knows how long.

By offering your customers a way to service them, while allowing them to remain safe in the comfort of their homes, you build trust and customer loyalty that will last a lifetime. Given what your competitors are doing—or not, expect to acquire new customers as well.
So how do you do it? We're hearing it starts with literally offering the service. If your customers and potential customers aren't aware the option is available, they will never know if you don't tell them. This could be as simple as picking up the phone and calling your customers, starting with your biggest customers and working your way down the list. If you have email addresses, email them. Share your message on social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, or even Google My Business, Yelp, or NextDoor. To sweeten the pot, run a promotional ad in conjunction with your new pick up and delivery service.

Regardless of how you're getting the word out, content is key. Your messaging must be appropriate for the time. That doesn't only apply to Covid-19, but generally speaking. What resonates in July, probably won't have the same impact in January.

The imagery you choose needs to be eye-catching. If it doesn't grab your viewer's attention in the half of a second span it takes to scroll right by your ad, it was all for nought.
Market research demonstrates videos on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach. Here are some other impressive stats. So when possible, use videos in your social media ads. This doesn't mean every post needs to be a video, on the contrary, use them sparingly and wisely.

This video was created by our marketing team, inspired by our Australian Master Licensor, Tara Clark's creative video she produced for our Australian Affiliates. We can customize this video for you, adding your phone number, van image, logo, etc.
We also wanted to remind you that we can assist with all of your marketing needs. Whether your just in need of some eye-catching imagery or custom videos, or you'd like us to take over your email marketing campaigns or social media presence, we're here for you. And as we understand the importance of delivering your message to your community at this time, we are extending our offer of 1 month of our customized social media management service for free. Simply visit our  online sign up form  to get things started. And we're happy to hop on a call to answer any of your questions or just brainstorm with you on ways to keep things moving forward. Reach out to Aaron Newport at [email protected]

So you've promoted the service and some orders have come through, great! Now how do you pull this off? First of all, you're entering the orders into your POS system, just as you would for over the counter orders. Depending on the number of orders you have, initially you can probably use your personal vehicle. With services like Door Dash and Uber being all the rage, people are used to this by now. Use Google Maps to type in your addresses and figure your most efficient route. Make sure the customers know what day to leave their clothes out for you to pick up.
As your route business grows, or if you've received more orders initially than anticipated, take the good folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental up on the offer they've extended to all greenEarth Affiliates at this time.

To make a reservation, simply go to , select your location and rental dates, then put in the discount code  XZ5P148  in the “promo code/corporate account number” section.

If you have any issues, please reach out to our account managers Lance and Justine for additional support. 620-200-0018 / [email protected] / J [email protected]
Of course we probably haven't answered all of your questions and there may be some logistics still to work out. Give us a call, our team is experienced and eager to help. Your success is our success and anything we can do to assist you in getting through this, we're up for it.
Tracking SBA Loan Affiliate Approval
We're happy to report an additional  $310 billion in funding for the Payment Protection Program has passed the Senate. The House is set to pass the legislation today.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks, we received responses to our poll from 185 Affiliates with 28% answering  YES to having received approval and/or funds from their bank on either the EIDL or PPP SBA loans.

If you answered  NO last week and your status has changed, or if you have not answered the question, please let us know.
Have you received loan approval and/or direct funds for either EIDL or PPP from your bank?
Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!
816-926-0895 / [email protected]
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