January 29th - Covid-19 Update
Dear NSEF Member,

Effective Today, Friday, January 29, 2021, sport bubbles have increased to a maximum of 60 people - including coaches/instructors/riders/support persons - at any one time in the "field of play" without having to social distance from each other.

Please keep in mind that the "maximum of 60 " pertains to all sport. For our sport, the "field of play" refers to the show/training ring.

While continuing to ensure all return to equestrian activity protocols are in place (i.e. traceability measures, mask wearing outside of ring, cleaning and disinfecting routines, non-sharing of tack, etc.), the following activities are permitted:

  1. Lessons and training;
  2. Learn to Ride/Drive testing;
  3. Coach/Instructor Evaluations;
  4. Competitions;
  5. Clinics/Training Camps;
  6. Recreational activity such as trail rides;
  7. March Break day-camps (2020 Government Day-Camp Guidelines) 2021 guidelines are not yet available and may be updated to reflect changes - use 2020 for planning.

The following are not permitted:

  1. Spectators (including auditors);
  2. Overnight camps;

For full details on today's government announcement, please click here

On behalf of the NSEF Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your amazing efforts and your patience while we work our way through Covid-19.

Next steps for us will be to update our Competitions and Event forms to reflect 2021 changes and updates. Stay tuned.

As always, please feel reach out to me at nsef@sportnovascotia.ca or 902-425-5450
ext. 333 if you require further clarification or assistance!

Heather Myrer
Executive Director