NS Equestrian Community
May 5 , 2020 Covid-19 Update
As the Province of Nova Scotia begins to slowly lessen restrictions for recreational outdoor activities, it is critical that we continue to take serious precautions moving forward. This collective effort will positively impact the continued lessening of these restrictions and allow us to all get back to our regular day-to-day activities.

Please ensure that our equestrian community is positively reflected in all media platforms as one that adheres to government restrictions . Now is not the time to "bend the rules".

We will return to activity soon! Breaking or bending the rules will set us all back.

In the meantime, we continue to update our resources and communicate to you in the hope that it is helpful. We are advocating on your behalf and will be working with the community to ensure a safe and steady approach to return to equestrian activity.

As always, please reach out to us if there is anything that we can be of direct support to you during this time. You can email Heather at nsef@sportnovascotia.ca
Return to Equestrian Activity
Preparation is Key to Success
With the recent news that the suspension of NSEF and Equestrian Canada (EC) sanctioned competitions has been extended to June 30th, r eturn to activity at riding schools, lesson barns, and training facilities will be pre-determined by the phased-in approach set forth by our provincial government authorities. Even though we are many weeks away from a safe return to competition, we can begin preparing in anticipation for our return to equestrian activity.

I t should be no surprise to anyone that there will be a new way of doing business and participating in an equestrian activity. Everyone must play a role to ensure that our return is a safe and lasting one. When Dr. Strang and Premier MacNeil give us permission to engage in activity, we will still be required to follow strict guidelines. The following resources are aimed at helping you to prepare for this return:

EC/NSEF Return to Business Operations Framework Recommendations

Again, please be patient until we get the nod! We are close!
Horse Owners and Boarding Barns
Working together is more important that ever!
Over the past several weeks, the NSEF team has worked with many members and boarding barn owners in providing resources and advice on access issues that have arisen due to the government restrictions for community travel and physical distancing.

NSEF is not a regulatory body and boarding barns are privately owned businesses (for the most part), it is imperative that both horse owners and operators respect each other's concerns and work together to ensure the best interests of the horse's welfare is paramount. Further, all facilities must adhere to NS government guidelines and restrictions.

Current agreements/contracts may not reflect today's reality. Therefore, it is more important than ever to maintain an open line of communication to ensure concerns, stress,and anxieties are minimized. Keeping in mind that we are all in this together and soon it will pass, a positive relationship within our equestrian community will pay dividends once we are free of this pandemic.

We have Covid-19 information on our website's resource page. Additionally, Equestrian Canada updates it's Industry-related COVID-19 information and resources and communicates via its website on a daily basis. Stay informed!

We are here for you if you have concerns or would like clarification on our recommendations. Let's work together to make this time as stress-free as possible. As above, you can reach Heather at nsef@sportnovascotia.ca
Insurance Questions Answered
Audio available now
CapriCMW's Mike King recently held a discussion with NSEF members and staff about Covid-19 insurance-related information. There is helpful information on this audio that may be of interest to horse owners and lesson/boarding barn facility owners.
To listen to the recorded session,  click here.

Access Password: insurance1!
Employee and Employer Subsidy Programs
By now, you most likely are aware of the federal and provincial governments' financial support programs for individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. It can be confusing to weave through these programs to determine what is applicable to your specific situation.
At this point in time, there are still eligibility restrictions that may affect you. We highly recommend that you contact your local MP and MLA to express your concerns as those government officials have a direct path to decision makers. Always refer to government related websites and official information to determine what is available to you. We have added some of those links on our website's
COVID-19 Resource Page . We hope this is of help to you!
NS Dept of Ag's Premise ID Program
Are you signed up?
We are pleased to partner with the NS Department of Agriculture to provide you with the opportunity to register your farm/property under its Premise Identification (PID) Program. A nationally supported program, this cost-free service is open to anyone who has a farm animal on your property. Premise identification is one of three critical parts of a traceability system. It allows for the identification of sites where livestock are kept to support emergency planning, response and recovery. Types of events that might require a response include reportable livestock disease or natural disasters such as fires, flooding, and storms with the potential to cause significant damage. PID numbers are unique and assigned to a single parcel of land. For more information and frequently asked questions can be found here

We encourage you to register online by clicking here .