QUICK NUMBERS: As of Monday, January 25:

  • Oregon has administered a cumulative total of 308,050 first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines. That’s about 7.5% of Oregon’s population.
  • Oregon has confirmed 138,587 total Covid-19 cases.
  • Oregon has confirmed 1,882 deaths due to Covid-19.


  • Phase 1b of Oregon’s vaccination roll-out plan begins Monday, January 25, with eligibility extending to childcare providers and K-12 Educators and staff.
  • Seniors aged 80 and older will be eligible starting Monday, February 8.
  • Week of February 14th: Seniors 75 and over eligible
  • Week of February 21st: Seniors 70 and over eligible
  • Week of February 28th: Seniors 65 and over eligible


  • People in communities of color, specifically those most impacted by the pandemic: “Black, African-American, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, indigenous peoples, tribal and urban-based native communities, and Pacific Islanders.”
  • Refugee communities
  • Adults 16-64 with chronic conditions
  • People in custody
  • Frontline workers not already included in Phase 1a or 1b
  • Multigenerational homes
  • People in low-income senior housing and other congregate senior housing not covered in the other categories.

  • Oregon has released new guidance for districts looking to reopen schools. Health and safety protocols like wearing masks and learning in cohorts remain in place, but the maximum number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 has been raised from 200 to 350. This means that if a county were to detect fewer than 350 cases per 100,000 people, schools could reopen on-site learning. If schools decide to reopen despite higher case counts, they would be required to offer on-site testing for symptomatic students and staff and those who have been exposed to a positive case.

  • Portland’s convention center has opened as a mass vaccination site and will host vaccination events — by appointment only — seven days per week. According to the Oregonian, educators will be notified by their employers when they can start signing up to receive a vaccination.