President Biden has announced that there will be enough vaccines shipped around the country to allow all adults to be eligible starting May 1. Before then, a couple more priority groups will become eligible. 

March 29: Phase 1B, Group 6:
  • Adults 45-64 with one or more underlying health conditions with increased risk
  • Migrant and seasonal farmworkers
  • Seafood and agricultural workers
  • Food processing workers
  • People living in low-income senior housing, senior congregate and independent living
  • Individuals experiencing houselessness (sheltered and unsheltered)
  • People currently displaced by wildfires
  • Wildland firefighters
  • Pregnant people 16 and older

April 19, Group 7 will become eligible:
  • Frontline workers as defined by the CDC
  • Multigenerational household members
  • Adults 16-44 with one or more underlying health conditions with increased risk

Then on May 1, all adults over 16 will become eligible. It will still be difficult to get a vaccine right away, but as Oregon procures more and more doses, vaccination rates will go up. Remain patient, check out OHA’s How to Find a Vaccine in Oregon, CNSCOS’s guide to getting a vaccine, and call or email us if you need assistance. OHA director Pat Allen predicts we may see bottlenecks occur as supply catches up with demand for each addition of eligible groups. 

  • Right now, demand for vaccines is outpacing supply. Oregon receives about 150,000 doses per week, which will hopefully increase soon. Patrick Allen, head of OHA, predicts that May and June will be a vaccine frenzy. But at some point, doses will outpace demand — about a quarter of adults in the US have said they wouldn’t get a Covid-19 vaccine. This is concerning for establishing herd immunity, so Oregon will have a new challenge to face in the coming year: Convincing vaccine-hesitant populations to get the shot.