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Covid 19 update
Upcoming Events
North Texas Study Group is on for Sunday

We will remain open next week but ask you to stay home if you are ill.

Remember the best defense is a good offence. Do what you can to keep your immune system up and running - Get sleep, eat well (cut out sugar) take your vitamins and try to NOT STRESS.

If you are over 60 (me), have compromised immune system (taking biologic s) or are chronically ill - consider self quarantine to prevent the disease. For now - I will continue to be available to you for treatment but will not feel bad about any cancellations that you need to make for your own safety.

If the outbreak becomes widespread - this office will close till the outbreak is over. I will stay open as long as we all stay healthy. And I will be only going to and from work. I have gathered supplies for the month.
It's a great time to do projects around the house
Remember what you see may just be the tip of the iceberg. Remember you have self power. Pause and check in with your own energy. There is panic in the air. Sometimes the answer is to stay home for several weeks. Sometimes the answer is you'll be fine. History says some will die from the CoVid 19 out break. Do what you need to to protect yourself while staying sane and rational.

Having just gotten over the flu - I can tell you THAT was no fun. And as some are reporting not all Covid illness is severe so please - stay home if you have mild symptoms! Because some will end up with severe cases because of the spread.